Menu Plan, June 21

I’m just a couple days late getting this posted. I was having some issues with my menu. I knew what I wanted to serve, but I’ve been hemming and hawing over the order in which it’s all cooked. What a silly reason to hold up a post.

Monday, June 21: Leftover barbacoa, mashed potatoes, carrots, and the last of the delicious cheesecake I made. Yes, it was basic, but it was amazing!

Tuesday, June 22: Thai Chicken, fried rice with veggies, lemon Jell-o cookies.

Wednesday, June 23: Beef fajitas, white rice, plum and nectarine tart.

Thursday, June 24: BBQ chicken, potato cheese casserole, and skillet corn.

Friday, June 25: Pork chops with homemade shake & bake coating, lemon garlic parmesan pasta, and carrots.

Saturday, June 26: Smothered chicken (a la my Monterey chicken), scalloped potatoes, peas.

Sunday, June 27: Pot roast, boiled red potatoes, carrots, pull-apart rolls, and lemon pie.

Monday is our 1-year wedding anniversary. I have no idea what we’re doing or if we’re doing anything at all on Monday. I’m making one of our favorite meals on Sunday so if we don’t get to have a date night on Monday then that’s okay. Perhaps we could get out to a matinee movie or something. We’ll see!


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