Leaving on a Jet Plane…

… Tomorrow. I’ve got a list of chores and packing to finish up before I hop on a plane with a three-year old and an infant to take a trip across the country. The one time I flew with Jeremy we had Jason with us, and it was a short flight from Southern to Northern California. This will be one adult with two little kids, three (possibly four) checked bags, a huge stroller, a carseat, a booster seat, one carry-on, and a big ol’ diaper bag trying to keep everyone content and quiet on a plane for an hour from New Orleans to Houston (at least we stay on the plane), another hour to San Antonio, hang out in the airport for an hour and then another three-hour flight to San Diego. It’s going to be an extra long day. We’re leaving amazingly early on Wednesday morning so we can arrive in California before noon and have at least half a day there on our traveling day. The problem is that with the time change we’ll be gaining our hours back as we head west. A four-hour trip on paper is actually a six-hour trip since California is two hours behind our starting point of New Orleans. Hopefully my boys will behave and sleep most of the flights.

Jeremy and I haven’t seen any of my family since Christmas. I’m really looking forward to introducing them to Jesse since all they’ve seen of him is photos. Additionally, my baby sister is graduating from college on Friday. The ceremony is outside and I don’t think it’s wise to subject a cranky 3-year old and a little baby (too young for sunscreen) to the blazing sun. We’ll be meeting up with the family at a restaurant afterward for a congratulatory dinner then we’ll be staying with my mom for the long weekend. I’ve got to leave Jeremy with his dad and then bring Jesse back home to Alabama. It’s always more difficult than words can express to leave a big chunk of my heart behind when Jeremy stays with his dad, but it’s the way it is and that’s really all that can be said about it.

When we were last out there at Christmas our schedule was so up-in-the-air and then we all got sick and were stuck in bed. I hope to make it up and see as much of my family and as many of our friends as possible while we’re there from Wednesday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon. My sister-in-law is picking us up at the airport and then generously loaning me her car for the week, so we will be independently mobile. We don’t have any plans yet aside from the family dinner on Friday – if you’d like to lay claim to some of our time, please leave a comment, email, or Facebook me. We’re flying in and out of San Diego airport, so that makes it extra convenient to make plans with those of you who live in that neck of the woods. (I won’t name names since this is a public blog, however little it is read).

Anyhow, say a little prayer for Jason as he wakes up at an obscene hour to drive his family to the airport two hours away and then has to manage for a week without us. Also please hold me in your thoughts as I wrangle two small children (and all of our necessary junk) in and out of three airports alone. The boys will be fine, they don’t need your prayers or thoughts, they’ll drive me out of my mind all on their own. 😉 No, really, please think sleepy thoughts for them if you don’t mind.

Hope too see you all very very soon!

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