Super-Frugal Tie Rack

As long as I’ve known him, Jason has had a bag full of ties. He had a couple that would be rolled up and stored in his sock drawer so that they wouldn’t get wrinkled but the rest of them were stuffed in the bag.

A couple of weeks ago as we were going through all of the wonderful gifts we were given for baby Jesse, we took a bunch of onesies off of these super cool hangers that are 5 hangers in one. Before I threw them away Jason had an epiphany… while these little baby hangers aren’t strong enough to hold anything very heavy, they are the perfect size for ties!

baby hanger

He hung the ties on facing alternate directions to keep the weight even.

Each hanger held ten ties and we had two of these neato little hangers so he was able to hang up all of his ties. This was great because most of those had been his dad’s and he was really hoping to get them out of their make-shift storage.

Now that this is handled (and on the cheap), what will the boys and I get him for Father’s Day? Isn’t a fancy schmancy tie rack a typical dad gift?


I’m linking this post to Frugal Friday hosted by Fishmama at her blog Life as Mom where there are loads of ideas for keeping your life frugal.

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