Menu Plan, May 2010

Finally, another menu plan! I took the month of April off from planning our meals. Since Jesse was born on April 2nd I didn’t have a chance to get anything planned. When we came home from the hospital Jason took over the cooking. The first week of May had Jason back at work and me back on chef duty.

We winged-it the first couple of days and then planned a couple of weeks which went awry. Now, we really are wanting a firm plan. Our weeks go much better knowing what we’re eating, grocery shopping is less expensive, and we wind up eating less frozen pizza. 😉

Monday, May 17: We were supposed to have pot roast, crash potatoes, seasoned corn, and biscuits… but, we wound up spending most of the afternoon at the car dealership. We traded in one car for another and are financially better for it, but I did not have time to make the big yummy dinner. So, we had macaroni & cheese.

Tuesday, May 18: Tacos, rice, and peaches.

Wednesday, May 19: Pot roast, crash hot potatoes, seasoned corn, and lemon pie.

Thursday, May 20: Chicken stir-fry, rice, and garlic breadsticks.

Friday, May 21: Hamburgers, tater tots, and applesauce.

Saturday, May 22: Lemon pepper chicken, garlic parmesan pasta, and carrots.

Sunday, May 23: Beef stroganoff (looking for a good, homemade recipe), rice, peas, and pull-apart rolls.

Monday, May 24: Balsamic thyme chicken, mashed potatoes, and carrots.

Tuesday, May 25: Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread,

I will be flying with Jeremy and Jesse to California on Wednesday morning and won’t be back until June 1st. Jason and Frank are on their own until then – I hope they don’t starve! Before we leave I’ll make a pot of their favorite chicken pot pie soup and I’ll freeze the extra two pans of pull-apart rolls for them (the recipe makes a triple batch). That should get them through a few meals and Jason’s pretty good at pulling together a decent meal.


This post is linked to Org Junkie‘s Menu Planning Monday. There are always over 300 links there chock full of meal ideas and recipes!

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