Busy Busy Thursday

I’ve got a lot going on today. All week really, but today my kitchen is going to get very warm. šŸ™‚

Yesterday I made five dozen Monster Cookies and some red velvet cupcakes. I also sliced up some apples for the pie I’m going to bake today.

This morning the boys and I went to our last MOPS meeting for the year. We had lots of fun, as always, but we’re bummed that the group is taking a summer break. We’ll see some of them at church and get together now and then for playdates and such, but I’m really going to miss the group setting.

Lunch has long been accomplished, but now I need to get busy in the kitchen with more baking. Yay! On the list for this afternoon are:

Wow, think I can get all this done before bedtime? I certainly hope so. The casserole, lemon pies, and cookies are all going to a big ol’ dinner party tomorrow evening and all of my contributions to the pot luck taste better the day after they’re baked.

For a year now I’ve been wanting to give my blog a “face”. I’m starting to write more often and keep up with this thing but the appearance is just ghastly. So boring! Before I fork out the cash to get a professional facelift for my little corner of the internet I’m going to see what my MacBook can do. I know this thing has a website builder something-or-other program and I have the entire Adobe suite. I was able to set this this up on my own without any help, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to get a decent “face” worked out on my own. I’ve had this laptop for almost four years now and I’ve yet to really use it for much more than word processing and surfing the internet. Time to make this puppy earn it’s keep around here!

I’ve got a really heart-felt blog post ruminating in my head right now. I’d like to write it up and post it, but I think it’s best saved for Father’s Day in about a month. I also have a Works for Me Wednesday post that I’ve been meaning to write for weeks and I just need to get it done. I remember reading posts on many of my favorite blogs explaining how they schedule their blogging time around their families. I need to work out a schedule because right now I tend to ignore this blog for a while and then give t a burst of attention followed by lots more neglect. I just paid for another year of hosting so I’d better get my act together.


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