Nursing Junky

The other day I volunteered to take a home-cooked meal over to a new mom. I was running late and needed to hurry out of the house. As it would happen, Jesse had been napping soundly but woke up hungry right when I had to leave. I didn’t have time to nurse him, much less pump a bottle for Jason to give him. I figured one formula feeding wouldn’t hurt him, we keep a small can of powder on-hand for emergencies. I mixed up a bottle and headed out.

When I got back almost an hour later, Jesse was calm but had eaten less than an ounce of the formula bottle. Jason, on the other hand, looked a bit frazzled. Apparently Jesse hated the formula so much that he fussed angrily and spat it all over Jason’s face.

I sat down to nurse the boy and he was ravenous. With one hand he even gripped the front of my shirt as if trying to make sure I didn’t leave again. After he was finished he gave me a huge, lopsided, sleepy grin.

whistling Jesse

I've yet to snap a photo of Jesse's grin since I never know when he'll flash me one, but this is another cute face he makes often. Looks like he's either trying to whistle or blow me a kiss.

My son is such a nursing junky. 🙂


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