Whew! What a Day!

Alas, Jason has returned to work after spoiling us with his constant presence for the past month. He had saved up a bunch of leave time so that he could be home for a full month with us after Jesse was born. Those four weeks went by entirely too fast, but I am so very grateful that he was able to do this.

Even though I’ve been taking care of both boys all day I was still able to be incredibly productive around the house. I was pretty lazy yesterday and then we went out and had fun for the afternoon, so I really wanted to make up for it today.

After Jason came home from work at 8:30 this morning, I dragged myself out of bed and got the boys and I dressed for the day. I took both of them with me for a short excursion to pay the rent at the bank and go to the grocery store. Neither errand was difficult thanks to Jeremy being exceptionally well-behaved. Thank goodness!

Lunch happened when we got home but Jesse was STARVING so he got a few pieces of my mac & cheese dropped on his tummy since I had to nurse him while I ate. Oh well, could be worse. 🙂 He was incredibly angry from being too warm so it took a while longer than usual to jiggle and shush him to sleep – giving me my only sitting-on-my-butt time all day.

Then I really got busy: Finally folded the laundry that had been wrinkling in the dryer for a couple of days, threw a load in the washer. Restocked my kitchen fridge and freezer from the deep freeze in the basement. Shifted the laundry and threw in another load. Packed and started the dishwasher and rolled my eyes at the dirty pots and pans covering my stovetop, I’ll get to them later.

I can hear the dryer beeping at me, so I need to get back downstairs to fold another load and toss in some sheets. It’s my aim to be completely caught up on laundry before I go to bed tonight. We’ve been doing laundry all this month, but none of it got folded or put away – we’ve been living out of hampers of clean clothes. For a while it was like we were on vacation and living out of suitcases, but now I’m quite over it. Counting what I’ve already done and including what’s left, I’ll have done 5 (perhaps 6) loads of laundry today. I also need to fold and put away the clothes that have been clean for days and sitting in hampers (that’s another 2 loads). Ugh! Never again!

I had no idea that I could be this productive while still spending a little quality time watching a couple of tv shows and a movie while coloring with Jeremy, snuggling and feeding Jesse. The only thing that will have suffered today is dinner. I had planned chicken fajitas with spanish rice and grapes but forgot to take the chicken out to thaw so it’s still quite frozen. We’ve got leftover beef stew from last night or I might just throw a frozen pizza in the toaster oven and call it a night. Sounds good huh?!


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