What is 5 oz. Worth to You?

Disclaimer: I promise, one day soon I will stop talking about breastfeeding nonstop. There are still a few things that are new and amazing to me that I just have to talk about. Once I get through the new-ness, I’ll move on to other topics. Just hang in there with me. Thanks!

The other day I finally picked up a breast pump. I didn’t see much need for one until now because I didn’t want to introduce an artificial nipple with a bottle to Jesse until we had really gotten the hang of breastfeeding. When I had engorgement issues I simply manually expressed just enough milk to relieve the discomfort and got on with things. Well, I think we’re pretty good at doing our thing now and I really want Jason to be able to share in the experience of feeding our son.

Anyhow, on my first session I only got a couple of ounces. Jesse sucked that down in no time and I still fed him afterward. Not exactly what I was looking for, but I was not discouraged.

Today gave me another perfect opportunity. Jesse ate twice in a very short period of time. He fell asleep on the boob both times after sipping just enough to get things flowing and leaving me hanging with full breasts. When it was clear after the second “snack” that he was going to sleep for a while I broke out the pump, got comfy on the bed with my book, and got down to business.

It took me a full hour, but I got 5 full ounces!

The idea was that I’d pump a bottle and then run out to WalMart to return a couple of Red Box movies and pick up a couple of things while Jason stayed home with the kids. This was to be my first venture out of the house without Jesse attached to me. Since he’s so young he eats frequently and without a real schedule. There’s no good way to be certain when he’ll be hungry next so I can’t really leave him behind for long.

Well, as I was pumping I got to thinking… How much is this 5 ounces worth to me? Do I really want to waste this hour of effort for a quick trip to WalMart? Or would I rather sleep through one of Jesse’s middle-of-the-night feedings and let Jason wake up to handle it? 30 minutes out of the house sans children…. or more uninterrupted sleep? Ask any mom that question and it will be unanimous, SLEEP!

Bonus: The last few nights Jesse has been “snacking” like I described above. Instead of waking up every hour starving and drinking a full belly full, he stretches it out to 2-3 hours and sips just enough to take the edge off his hunger and goes back to sleep. He doesn’t drink anywhere near 5 ounces at a time in the middle of the night. That 5 ounces might just stretch to TWO feedings and I may very well be looking at nearly a full night of sleep.

What would 5 ounces be worth to you?


3 thoughts on “What is 5 oz. Worth to You?

  1. Courtney

    Five ounces of breastmilk was a full evening at knitting group without Chris. We hadn’t been planning on doing bottles at all, but had to when I needed surgery and wouldn’t be able to nurse him until two good pumpings after waking up from anaesthesia to clear out the drugs. Keeping it up wasn’t hard, especially when we were only giving him a bottle once a week. This was also when he would sleep reliably from bedtime at about 8-ish until at least 2 AM, so one bottle was fine if I left after his second to last nursing of the day.

    For me, it was weighing sleep against alone time away from the house. Getting a five hour block of time away from the kids did more for my sanity than extra sleep. It still does, but I think my body has adjusted over the years to not need as much sleep. Or I’ve just convinced myself of that out of necessity. Probably the latter. LOL

    1. Jen

      LOL! I know what you mean about your body learning to function on less sleep. When Jason came into our lives, Jeremy was a year old and had been sleeping through the night most of his little life. After almost a month of Jesse being around, I’m still trying to convince Jason that an adult really can make do on 6 hours or less, and broken sleep at that. He’ll learn in time. 😉

      1. Stephanie

        I like to think that my sporadic sleeping habits are preparing Drew for more babies in the future. I wake up at all kinds of weird hours and I’m an active sleeper. By the time I had Allie I was already on a pattern of broken sleep because of my problems with insomnia so I didn’t feel the pain of lost sleep as badly as a lot of new single moms.

        As far as pumping, for me it was always a necessity to allow me to go back to work as soon as I was able to. But again, being a single mom, my situation was a lot different. I had a regular pumping schedule set up. I would feed Allie immediately before leaving for work, pump during my morning break, go home and nurse at lunch (I became a pro at juggling a nursing baby and a sandwich so that I could eat while she did), then go back to work and pump again during my afternoon break. It was a lot of work but it was worth it to me to make sure Allie had my milk as much as possible.

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