Supportive Friends & Family

Today (and all the time) I am very thankful for the supportive friends and family we have. When Jason and I moved our family across the country last summer I was excited but really nervous about whether we would be able to “make it” on our own in an unfamiliar place. Until last summer I had never lived more than 30 miles from my mom, entire family, and friends.

In moving we left everyone we knew back in California and didn’t know a soul here in Alabama. I’m so happy to be able to say that we were able to make friends here really fast. Though I miss our California friends and family each and every day, it’s been nice to have people local that we have become close with that we can count on.

When my water broke at almost 2:00 am two weeks ago we had my mother-in-law here to stay with Jeremy so we could get over to the hospital quicker and not have to drag Jeremy out of bed. A very good friend of ours, Kim, came over later that day, picked up Jeremy, and let him hang out with her and her three kids for two days until baby Jesse and I were discharged from the hospital. Having Kim willing and knowing her well enough to trust her with my son was such a blessing so that Jason could focus on the baby and I while we were in the hospital instead of having to chase a bored and anxious 3-year old around the room. It afforded Jason the ability to bond with his newborn son and let me completely rest for a couple of days.

Also, I’m a member of a fabulous local Military Spouses’ Club which has a group of volunteers who bring meals over to the homes of people with new babies. While Jason has been absolutely wonderful in taking over the lion’s share of the kitchen duties since we’ve been home with our new little one, it’s definitely a blessing to have total strangers and dear friends bring over a meal so that we can have more family time (and a nap or two). We received two home-cooked meals last week and are looking forward to three this week. How wonderful is that?

Lastly, all of the rest of our local friends who have come over to visit us and made us feel so welcome and loved. Even though we haven’t known any of our local folks very long, I couldn’t imagine being without them just as I can’t fathom our old life in CA without our friends and family there. We’ll be visiting often guys and returning someday! Thank goodness for the internet so we don’t lose touch!


This post is linked to Heavenly Homemaker’s Gratituesday. What are you grateful for this week? Share over at Laura’s blog.


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