What a Weekend!!

We had such a fantastic weekend! Unfortunately I failed to take pictures of anything, so you’ll just have to take my words as truth as I have no proof of all the fun.

On Friday evening Jeremy helped Jason and I to pack a picnic lunch in the wonderful basket that my grandparents gave us for Christmas. The basket was fancy with plates and goblets, silverware, a thermos and blanket. Our lunch was decidedly unfancy but really tasty nonetheless. I quickly made up some tuna salad and sliced up some carrot slicks. We threw in some tart green apples and PB&J for Jeremy. We’re big snackers so we grabbed some of our favorite 100-calorie packs and granola bars that we love and froze some yummy green grapes.

Saturday morning Jason started packing up the truck with all kinds of things that we’d need at the beach, including our dog! An hour before lunch we loaded up the family and drove 30 miles out to Dauphin Island. We made a quick trip there last November before the weather got rainy and fell in love with the white sand beach, beautiful unobstructed view of the Atlantic, and rolling dunes. What better place for a picnic on a gorgeous spring day?

There were a million people there with the same idea. 🙂 We were very unlucky on parking but were able to find a nice shaded picnic table so we didn’t have to sit on a blanket on the sand. I had a couple of Mommy Failures (forgot sunscreen and no shade-making umbrella or EZ-Up) so we decided to leave after lunch instead of getting burnt to a crisp out on the sand. We had a great time and can’t wait to go back sometime this week or next.

Today Jason took Jason, Jesse and I on a tour of two hangars at the Coast Guard base. Weekends are very slow there so it was a good time to go look around. He let Jeremy climb around in one of the planes that Jason works on, he showed us the helicopter that he used to work on back in San Diego, and then he took us over to the other hangar where there were slightly smaller planes and the other model of helicopter. It was a really cool experience to go behind-the-scenes of the Coast Guard rescue operations.

I really wish I had gotten some photos of both of our excursions this weekend. We had such fun and nothing to show for it. Oh well, our memories will have to suffice. I’m happy to report that our little 2-week old baby did fantastic on both trips. I haven’t known such a young baby to do so well in leaving the house for long periods of time. I’m proud of my little guy. We’ll be repeating both trips a time or two before Jeremy goes back to California, so I will make sure to take photos to share.

For the past two hours Jeremy has been missing-in-action. I found that he had put himself to bed because he was so exhausted. I suppose that’s when you know you adequately entertained your child. 😀

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