So Excited, He Passed Out

We’ve been telling Jeremy since yesterday afternoon that today we’d visit Jason’s work to see the airplanes and helicopters. This morning he came into our room half-asleep asking if today was when we’d see the “oticoters” and sit in the airplanes.

“Yes kiddo. But first we have to get dressed, eat breakfast, and have lunch.”

After breakfast Jeremy asked Jason, “Are the airplanes and oticoters back at the airport now?”

“Not yet buddy, but they will be there after we eat lunch.”


After lunch: “Is it time to see the airplanes and oticoters now?”

“It sure is! Lets get our shoes on and hop in the car!”

Well, Jesse needed his diaper changed. Then he was starving and I needed to feed him. Jeremy had already gone downstairs, we thought he was playing in the basement but look what we found as we finally tramped down there….

Hmm, the car door is open.

Hmm, the car door is open.

I went around to see what was up, and was met with this sweet sight….

Passed out Jeremy.

Jeremy was so excited that he passed out while waiting for us.

How adorable is that? My big boy got himself up into his booster seat and passed out while waiting patiently for us to come take him to see the airplanes and oticoters.

Jason lifted him up and brought him upstairs to finish napping in his bed. When he wakes up we’ll definitely reward him with the promised trip.


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