First Time Mom-of-Two

Today was the first time I took both my boys out of the house by myself. Sure, this may not sound like a huge deal to some people, but it was a major milestone to me.

This morning was a Mothers of Preschoolers meeting. I’m still new to the group but I didn’t want to miss it. There are lots of kids that Jeremy really loves playing with and I enjoy the discussions that all the moms have together.

Jason and I had a nice breakfast together and then he got Jeremy ready to go while I got Jesse’s things packed up. Quick kisses goodbye and I was headed off to our playgroup with two children for the first time without someone’s help.

I’m pretty sure that at some point I will have a difficult tearing-my-hair-out experience, but this was not that time. 🙂 Jeremy was well-behaved almost the whole time (aside from a few impolite moments in the play area) and Jesse slept in his sling against my chest for the entire three hours. I was fully expecting to need to change a diaper and/or pull-up and figure out how to breastfeed in the sling at least once. None of those things needed to happen and we all had a fabulous time.

Lucky for us, we also met a new Coast Guard wife to add to our group and made plans for some park and library playdates. I really love spending time with other moms. I’ve made some great local friends and it’s so very handy that we all have kids of similar ages, they all play well together.

This was my first outing with both my kids without Jason to help and we did great! A few ladies mentioned that they were surprised that I was out and about, especially by myself, so soon after Jesse’s birth. I have to admit that it was nice to hear because I was wondering if my recent elation was actually showing or if it was just an internal feeling for me.

As I was telling Jason as I walked in the door, I feel so much more like a mom now that I have two kids. Not that having just Jeremy didn’t give me wonderful mommy feelings, but I feel so much more empowered and competent now with my second baby. With Jeremy I felt like I was muddling through just trying not to trip up too much; with Jesse I’ve been there done that with this baby stuff and I feel confident that I can handle everything better this time around.

Jeremy holding Jesse

Motherhood is so fantastic, and I’m just so lucky to be sharing the parenting experience with such a wonderful, understanding man who is more than willing to take up his share of the load. I think that is the biggest thing driving me to such happiness right now, Jason is so supportive that I don’t have time to feel any “baby blues”. The Coast Guard gives new parents 10 free (paid) days off and he saved up vacation time to be able to take the entire month of April at home with us. How much fun we’ll have! I wish every mom had the opportunity to have her partner spend so much time at home to help her through the tough first few weeks after a baby’s born.


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