Jesse Alan has arrived!

Well, as I reported in my last pregnancy update post I was getting rather impatient for the arrival of our little guy. We made it through April Fools’ Day without incident (although we really wanted to trick our friends on Facebook by reporting a surprise little girl had been born). At 1:40 am the morning of Good Friday, about an hour after the little dude finally stopped squirming and let me fall asleep, my water broke. I called my husband home from work, took a quick shower, and we rolled in to the hospital at about 3 am. The contractions I was having were really mild and I had only progressed from 2 cm to 3 in an hour but the Labor & Delivery staff was nice and gave me a few hours to rest before starting the pitocin at 6 am.

Barely started labor.

See? This doesn't hurt a bit!

Woowee! Almost immediately after starting the meds I was having some really hard contractions and my cervix started opening right up. In three hours we went from a snug 3 cm to 9 and the contractions were getting to the point that I had to grip the bed rail and concentrate through them. I refused drugs because I was intent on doing it on my own for as long as I could. Right about the time I was thinking about having the epidural, my nurse told me that it looked like it would only be another 10 minutes. Yay! I can do this whole thing without meds!

Okay, hurts a little.

Okay, hurts a little.

Nurse Wanda smiling there in the photo was so incredibly wonderful. She was there from the very start of the morning and stayed with us through it all. She offered pain relief a couple of times to keep me comfortable but sweetly respected our desire to try it without medication. She was a real advocate for me and when labor got tough she was there holding me up along with Jason pushing with and encouraging me. I could not have dreamed for a better labor & delivery nurse.

My OB wasn’t on call but a very nice replacement from the same practice came over and we got to pushing. Those last 10 minutes wound up taking 30. They had me start pushing when I had gotten to 10 cm but the baby was so big that there was still a little cervix left. The OB kept stretching it around his head as I pushed. She had to give me an episiotomy about an inch long (ouch!), but we finally got my big 9 lb. 9 oz, 22.5 inch baby boy out at 10:06 am.

Finally out.

He's finally out, I'm so relieved.

I just have to say, going au natural was a much better experience for me than the epidural-turned-spinal experience that I had giving birth to Jeremy. I am so glad that I pushed through the pain and leaned on my husband for support. The labor was blessedly short (6 hours from admittance and only 4 hours from onset of pitocin contractions) and I felt absolutely fabulous afterward. I got right up out of bed and was moving immediately after the birth. With my first baby I was numb for six hours following and asleep for most of that.

Proud daddy.

Have you ever seen such a happy first-time daddy?

We started breastfeeding right away and it’s going pretty well despite a couple of mishaps. The nurses were very supportive of breastfeeding and didn’t give him any bottles. On one of our first attempts Jesse cracked one of my nipples. That took a few days to heal leading to a super-engorged breast. However, we’re back to using both sides now and I’m quite relieved. After going through a bout of double mastitis when Jeremy and I couldn’t get the hang of breastfeeding, I was worried that it would happen this time too while the left side was out of commission. I learned real quick how to express efficiently just enough to keep the breast functional while it healed.

Mama and baby.

Snuggling my new little man.

I’m so excited to finally have our little guy with us and that our whole experience went well. We all came home on Easter morning and couldn’t have had a better day.

Happy for our new addition!

Happy for our new addition!

Happy birthday little one. Your daddy and brother will never let you forget that you were born on National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day.

Sweetest face ever.

Such a sweet little baby.

6 thoughts on “Jesse Alan has arrived!

      1. Stephanie

        Looking at that last picture again, I can really see Jason in his little face. It’s hard to tell, they all look like Winston Churchill when they’re brand new.

        Can’t wait to meet him.

      2. Jen Post author

        You should see his profile. All babies have that little smooshed button nose, but from the side he’s definitely got Jason’s nose (thank goodness). And his wide mouth too. After we washed his hair last night we realized that it’s redder than we thought (we had been touching his head so much that it was all greasy and dark). We’re still not sure what color his eyes are going to be, it’ll be a while before those are decided though.

  1. Amy @ Finer Things

    Oh Oh Oh! I’ve been offline (Easter and then computer viruses) for nearly a week. Have been wondering about you. He’s gorgeous, and you look fab! Such a big guy — way to go on a natural birth; I hear that’s extra hard with pitocin.

    Gratefully, my doc is very laid back and we learned at our Bradley class that even when your water breaks, you don’t have to go in right away. (As long as the water doesn’t “stink” with infection.) My water broke with my first two, and I didn’t start contracting until 12 HOURS later. Crazy. I just stayed home until it started to get intense. By then, it was “too late” for pitocin. Yay! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway… beautiful boy, beautiful family. Enjoy!

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks for the compliments Amy! The contractions were really hard with the pitocin but they were a lot more effective than what I was getting on my own and made the labor amazingly short.

      I’ll have to keep the water breaking thing in mind for our next baby, I thought you had to get to the hospital pretty quick after that happened. When I had Jeremy I started with horrible back labor and my doctor didn’t break my water until I’d been suffering for 12 hours (half at home and half in the hospital bed). I thought of you a couple of times as I was laboring because I know you had all three of your kids med-free and I wanted to have the same experience.

      I look forward to hearing more about your pregnancy once things start happening for you. Are you planning to find out whether you’re having a boy or girl, or are you going to be surprised? You’re getting close to the time where you can find out. So exciting!

      I wish I lived closer to you, or at least somewhere more north of Alabama so that driving back to California would take me through your neck of the woods. I’d so love to meet you in person. Maybe at a conference some day.


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