Gross Things Boys Do

Not all boys are gross, but my preschooler definitely can be sometimes.

I won’t go into the details of all of the yucky things he does, but one thing from this morning just HAS to be shared.

Due to the way our house sits, the sun shines into Jeremy’s window first thing every morning before it reaches the other windows in the house. He wakes up and comes to snuggle in bed with me until we decide to get up. That’s all very wonderful and not at all gross. This is…

Jeremy snuggling Rusty

While I was snuggling my boy, the dog snuggled between us with his face scrunched up right behind Jeremy’s behind. You see where this is going don’t you? Everything was quiet and then Jeremy let a “big one” rip right into Rusty’s face. It wouldn’t have been nearly as funny had Rusty not gotten super excited and started grabbing onto Jeremy’s pajamas trying to roll him over and over to be able to smell every inch of him. In doing so he was tickling my very ticklish 3-year old and Jeremy could hardly catch his breath from laughing so hard.

BOTH of my boys were being gross together and it was the funniest thing! I was giggling as hard as Jeremy was and couldn’t bear to break up the pair until Rusty was convinced that he’d thoroughly sniffed all of the funky smell off the boy.

As gross as this was, the moment certainly started our day off right with my son and our dog being silly together.


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