39 Weeks & Snuggled In

I’ve been having really good stop-me-in-my-tracks cramping and some decent contractions all week just about every evening and especially after that extremely long walk on Sunday afternoon. I was hoping for a lot more progress at today’s check-up with my obstetrician.

Last week we were measuring a “loose 1 centimeter” and 50% effaced. This week we were still at the same loose 1 cm / possibly 2 cm but much more effaced. Really? That’s it? All that cramping and contracting after long walks, tons of household chores, running around after Jeremy and hardly any progress? The baby’s heartbeat is still very strong and I’m still good and healthy so I’m glad for that, but I was really hoping for a baby soon.

Good grief! Look at how huge I am!

We decided that this little one gets one more week in-utero and then we’re kicking him out. Our next appointment is the morning of our due date (next Thursday). Jason’s still hoping for an Easter baby and I’d be happy for him to come anytime between now and Thursday (though Sunday would be pretty nice).

On the way home from the check-up we decided that this baby is most definitely taking after his father already. Jason LOVES to sleep more than just about anyone I know and will often stay in bed until being physically shoved from his comfy burrow. This little dude is doing the very same thing. He’s getting heavier so he’s definitely dropping lower and causing the effacement, but it’s pretty clear that he’s not giving up his warm watery cozy bed anytime before he’s done snoozing. If next Thursday rolls around and I’m still pregnant, we’re inducing Friday. Hopefully we will have achieved more dilation so induction will be a simple matter of breaking my water to get true labor contractions going. I’d really hate to have to get the pitocin drip because you’re almost certain to need an epidural to deal with pitocin-induced contractions and I really want to try to do this birth without drugs.

At this point there is no hope of getting to use any newborn-sized outfits. Last week the doctor was sure that the baby was easily measuring 7 pounds. He didn’t mention this week how big he though the baby was, but all my reading says that they generally gain an ounce a day during the third trimester. The newborn-sized diapers will probably still fit for a while because they go up to 10 pounds, but the newborn clothes are all just to 8 pounds.

Perhaps I should just resign myself to the fact that I’ll be pregnant forever and the baby will then decide to come out because staying in just to spite me won’t be any fun for him anymore. Think that’ll work?


Edited for the sake of funny: Jesse was born just two days after I wrote this post. I knew it had to be soon! 😀

6 thoughts on “39 Weeks & Snuggled In

  1. Amy @ Finer Things

    Be encouraged! I know these last few weeks are tough, but babies are generally pretty smart little critters. They know when they’re supposed to come out, and they often “out fox” the doctors on their predicted weight. 😉 Get lots of rest and remember that as hard as this is, it’s a lot easier than caring for a newborn 24/7. 🙂

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks for the words of encouragement Amy. I’m just kind of in a funky mood today because Jeremy was born 9 days before his due date (which would have been yesterday for this pregnancy) and with all of the movement and “goings-on” downstairs I thought this little guy was just about ready. How are things going for you? I’m looking forward to another of your updates. 🙂

  2. Stephanie

    As big as you are, he hasn’t done that final downward shift, where all of a sudden he’s riding really low. I would have guessed that you were still a couple of weeks out if I saw you walking around.

    1. Jen

      Couple of weeks?? Oh heck no (at least I hope not)! I’ve read and heard that second and subsequent babies often do their final descent during labor instead of earlier on. There are days where I feel like he’s going to fall right out, and then other days like today where he’s scooted right back up in the middle. Today we’re still at -2 station like last week.

  3. MJ

    Wholy MOLEY! That’s a baby!

    I would have to agree on Steph on this one. That little one (figuratively speaking) still needs to bake a bit longer.

    But we’re so excited!


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