Kid Diet Breakthroughs

I’ve come to realize that I do a lot of “mini-blogging” via Facebook and Twitter instead of saving the good stuff for real blogging. Most of my posts here turn into really long updates because of how infrequently I write. What I need to do is write more often, include more pictures, and get back to participating in more blog carnivals. Also, I need to take advantage of WordPress’ timed publishing feature so that I can write up a post when I think of it and then set it to post in the future to coincide with a particular blog carnival. I’ve done that once and keep forgetting about it.

Just yesterday I shared how since coming home a week ago Jeremy has made three major breakthroughs in his diet. For the past three years he’s been a very picky eater. Oatmeal, chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, and a few different fruits pretty much ruled his belly and he was completely unwilling to try new things. When he was here from October through December, we got him to eat waffles and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (yes, on bread, not just peanut butter on crackers). Those were pretty great additions to his diet but I’m more excited that he now eats corndogs, hot dogs (in a bun), and regular chicken breasts that have not been nugget-ized.

On Friday last week we went to Sonic for a happy hour snack/late lunch after an exhausting two hours at our favorite park. We ordered Jeremy his usual chicken strip meal and Jason and I got some corndogs. We were taken aback when Jeremy piped up from the backseat and asked for a corndog. YAY! I happily gave him the half of mine that I had not yet eaten and he scarfed it down. We were so happy!

Then on Saturday we went to an Easter Egg Hunt put on by the spouses’ club for local military families. They offered hot dogs and pizza. Jeremy ate half of a hot dog (LOL, he ate it from the top down like a corn cob instead of end to end). We were so thrilled. While yes, hot dogs generally aren’t the most healthy of meat options, when we buy them for home we get the all-beef franks instead of the multi-meat kind. It’s easy enough for me to heat up a hot dog when we have something that Jeremy doesn’t yet eat. He’s mostly resistant to beef so far and if I sneak it into his diet in hot dog form it works for me.

Jeremy eats a hot dog

Then, just last night I prepared homemade orange chicken and veggie fried rice for dinner. The orange sauce is too spicy for Jeremy, so I left him a chicken breast un-sauced and gave him a side of ketchup. He was reluctant at first (I think because dinner was late and he was getting hungry and cranky) but he eventually tried a bite and ate more than half of his chicken breast. He also tried the fried rice but wasn’t a fan. I did cook it with quite a bit of soy sauce, more than usual because I had a little over a tablespoon left in the bottle after measuring out what I needed and just tossed in the extra. He was willing to try it though, so I’m going to take some out for him next time before I put in all the soy sauce and get him used to the flavor. If he doesn’t take to it I’m happy for him to eat regular white rice instead.

Next I’m going to work with him on cheese. He loves milk and he’s old enough now that if I explain really simply that cheese is made out of milk, he might just give it a shot. His local friends Libby and Evan love cheese and I’m hoping for some positive peer pressure here. “If they eat cheese, I can too” kind of thinking. Cheese is such a healthy snack that I’d be overjoyed when Jeremy starts eating it.

Does anyone else have any ideas for me or particular foods that they were super excited when their kids started eating it?


3 thoughts on “Kid Diet Breakthroughs

  1. Stephanie

    Buttered toast. I LOVE buttered toast. I could eat it five times a day and I would never get tired of it, so when Allie started eating it, I could have died of happy. A couple of weeks ago, I even got her to eat a scrambled egg on a piece of toast.

    Also, as I mentioned on FB, she started eating grilled cheese and quesadillas. Unfortunately, I think she has a little problem with dairy, so we have to figure that one out. The fact that she was willing to try cheese at all was pretty rad. Allie’s one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever see.

    1. Jen

      I’ve been looking into the cheese thing and I’ve heard that starting out with either medium or sharp cheddar instead of “processed cheese food” American slices could help. You guys don’t tend to eat much in the way of “fake food”, but I just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been hearing.

      1. Stephanie

        Yeah, processed cheese food stuff makes me kind of nauseous, so we stick with cheddar or cheddar mixed grated cheese. She actually likes the “two color cheese” (cheddar and jack cheeses).

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