My Baby’s Coming Home!

I haven’t seen Jeremy since New Year’s Eve. I had the option to visit him in February, but my doctor advised not traveling this late in a second pregnancy. Don’t want to have an extra-early arrival. So, I wasn’t able to visit my baby last month and have had to wait a full 74 days to see him again. There are 3 days left and I am chomping at the bit.

To make the next few days go a little faster, or at least get my mind off of waiting, I decided to make a list of things that I want to do with my big “little” boy before I have to take him back to California again at the end of May.

  1. First and foremost, I want to snuggle him until one or both of us can hardly breathe. I’m going to try my best not to cry with happiness when I see him come off the plane, but these advanced pregnancy hormones are quite formidable and I might not be able to hold back the tears.
  2. I have so many new books that I need to read to him. My aunt enrolled Jeremy in a Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club which she generously pays for and there are over a dozen new books he hasn’t seen yet.
  3. My boy really loves to help me bake. It is highly unlikely that he has done any baking in the last 2 1/2 months with his father. He and I need to spend an afternoon in the kitchen making some Easter-shaped sugar cookies.

Those three things should take up most of the first two days. On Wednesday we have an appointment with my OB to check on the baby again. Jeremy tells me on the phone from time to time that I have a baby in my tummy, so he hasn’t forgotten. I wonder how he’ll react to hearing the heartbeat again? I doubt we’ll be able to coerce the doctor into getting us in to have another ultrasound (Jeremy really loved when we took him to our last one back in December), but the heartbeat is pretty cool and the baby is still really active so we might need to chase him around again like last appointment.

The rest of these are not in any particular order other than how they come to me.

  • Get him back over to our favorite park. It’s shady for me and the kid area is fully fenced so I can let him run free without following 3 feet behind him.
  • Saturday is the big Easter Egg Hunt at the park near Jason’s work. The military spouses’ club that I am a part of puts this on every year and I can hardly wait. There will be cookie decorating, snacks, prizes, a craft, the egg hunt obviously, and the Easter Bunny will be visiting!
  • We’re looking forward to getting back to attending church regularly. Jeremy enjoyed the preschool-aged class because it was the closest thing he has to the day care he used to go to when I worked in California. He loved school.
  • I also doubt he’s gone to a library since he’s been away, so he should be pretty excited to start going back there and participating in the storytimes that they put on with videos and crafts.
  • We get to rejoin the Mommy & Me class that we were enjoying. More of our friends have started going so the class will have more kids his age now instead of little barely-walkers and toddlers.
  • There is also a Mothers of Preschoolers group that I learned of not long ago. We’re going to start going to that with a couple of our friends as well.
  • On the 27th there is an air show; that we’d like to go to at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force base up in Montgomery.
  • The Exploreum; is hosting a Dinosaurs Alive; exhibit that looks similar to but perhaps cooler than the one we’ve been to at the Discovery Science Center back home in California. The IMAX movie sounds like it might bore a 3 1/2-year old, but the exhibit looks like it’ll be right up his alley.
  • We all went to the beach back in November just to see what an Atlantic beach looks like but it was chilly and not good weather for wading. Now that the weather is turning warmer we’re definitely going to head back frequently.
  • On May 21st at 8 pm the city is sponsoring a showing of “Up” outside at Dog River Park. We’re going to bring some blankets and dessert and watch a fun movie under the stars in the cool early-summer air.
  • There’s a local place, The Watermelon Patch; where Jeremy would spend the whole day if I’d let him. They provide lots of materials and equipment for kids to jump and play on. It’s hard to explain it, I’ll have to take photos next time we’re there. They’ve got open play hours and fun sounding classes and special events.

Sometime amongst all that fun, we’re going to find time to have the baby who insists on kicking and punching me day in and day out. When that finally happens in the next few weeks there will be some down time without as much out-of-the-house fun but more indoors snuggling type fun, but as soon as I’m all healed up we’ll be getting right back to our activities.

That looks like a pretty exhaustive list of fun stuff. Plenty to fill the 2 1/2 short months til I have to say goodbye to him again for the summer. Sharing custody cross-country is very difficult and emotionally taxing but I have to say that my ex and I are making it work pretty well. Jeremy doesn’t show any signs that this schedule stresses him at all and switches between households almost seamlessly. Of course, that’s probably because this has been the norm for him since he was a year old. He’s used to living in two households. The only difference is that we had been switching back and forth every week since his dad and I lived so close. Since we moved to Alabama almost nine months ago we switched it to 2 1/2 months in California and 2 1/2 months in Alabama back and forth. It’s incredibly hard to be without my baby for so long, but one big upside to this is that Jeremy’s in one place a lot longer than he used to be and I think that’s a big benefit to him. The nightly phone calls are a huge help and eventually we’ll get to using Skype or some other program to utilize webcams to actually see each other as we chat.

We stay positive that this is the best thing and we go through it to make sure Jeremy has a full life with both of his parents. I must say though, I don’t think I could endure it without the constant support from Jason. He puts up with so much moodiness when Jeremy’s gone and always works hard to allow me the priviledge of staying home with Jeremy when he’s home and our soon-to-be second child.


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