Pregnancy Update – 35 Weeks & Huge

Just yesterday we hit 35 weeks. That leaves us with just 2 weeks until the baby is considered full-term. However, a “complete” pregnancy is 40 weeks, 3 weeks after full-term. I don’t get it.

One thing I can say is that I am definitely feeling almost full-term. As I went on and on about in my last pregnancy update, I’ve gained weight steadily through the whole term so far but my shape has certainly changed quite a bit in recent weeks. I went from an average woman shape to pudgy all over, to chunky in the middle, to most assuredly round. What was most different was that I was able to wear my non-maternity pants all the way up to about 6 months this time. With my first pregnancy a few years ago I had to start wearing maternity pants at about 4 months even though my regular shirts still fit. This time it was the other way, I needed maternity shirts long before I had to give in to the elastic waist pants.

Here’s a couple of belly shots. The first one is when I first really started looking pregnant instead of just like I gained a quick ten pounds. The second one was last week, looking very much like The Great Pumpkin.

18 weeks - 11/6/09 (debuting maternity shirts but still wearing my non-preggo jeans).

34 weeks - 2/25/10 (filling out that shirt a lot more and rocking the stretchy-top jeans).

Jason and I went to see the doctor again a couple days ago and everything is still looking great. The baby’s been very very wiggly and active for the past month or so, I told the doctor that and he just nodded and said “that’s good.” After spending a few minutes chasing the little guy around my belly to get him to hold still long enough to listen to the heartbeat, he believed me that it’s a lot more than expected at this late date. Most kids are running out of room by this point and tend to not kick and punch as often, this one is rebelling against being squished and is in non-stop motion pretty much all day and a good deal of the night. It’s all good though, the doctor said that any kid who is finding a way to wiggle around this much in such a cramped space is going to be very strong after he’s born.

Another big difference between this pregnancy and my first one is how many Braxton Hicks contractions I’ve been feeling. With my first, I didn’t feel anything until about a week before I went into labor. This time however, I am often subjected to abdominal squeezing for 2-3 hours on end. I suppose it’s good to know that my body is ready and raring to go for labor, but these practice contractions are so strong that they actually take my breath away and if I had just eaten it makes me feel like I’m going to lose my meal. While they are really uncomfortable, it doesn’t hurt, so I’ll just deal with it instead of complaining since the more practice my uterus gets now the better it’ll perform during the drug-free labor I’m going for.

A few weeks back Jason and I spent a Saturday afternoon taking a childbirth class at the hospital. It wasn’t so bad. The nurse went over the process of childbirth and pain management options. The tour of the labor & maternity ward was nice. I had visited a friend there 2 months ago, but we saw a little more of it during the tour. The hospital has two maternity floors, one has been recently remodeled with nice roomy suites and the other is just regular rooms. Apparently they try to just use the remodeled floor and use the other one as overflow, so I hope we don’t get there on a busy day.

Last weekend we took some maternity photos with a new friend. She’s a budding photographer and offered to take some photos of us before the baby comes. I did this before I had Jeremy, but the photos didn’t come out the way I had envisioned. This time my friend (different photographer than last time) actually researched some poses and did a great job directing two goofy non-models. We had fun and I can’t wait to share the photos once she’s done editing them.

Jeremy comes home in ten days. Three days after that this baby will be full-term and we can have him at any point after that.

I realize this sonogram photo is almost three months old, but I also noticed that I never shared it. Isn’t this a great profile shot of the little guy sucking his thumb?

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