Pregancy Update – Almost There!

First off, this little boy is doing great. He’s very strong and moves around a lot every day. When Jason and I are drifting off to sleep in bed he snuggles up to me with his hands on my belly feeling the baby move and settle-in for the night. Once when he had his ear pressed to my belly listening to the heartbeat and the baby swooshing around, his son kicked him in the face! It was a sweet moment turned hilarious!

We need to do some shopping. The only baby clothes we have are size 12-months and up. All of Jeremy’s smaller clothes were donated without my permission, so we need to buy everything an infant needs. It truly isn’t much, because babies really don’t need as much as they usually are given, but we still need to shop or else this kiddo is coming home from the hospital in some clothes that will be way too huge for him. In the next month or so I’m going to scour our local Goodwill for gently used or like-new clothes before paying full price for anything a baby will outgrow in less than 3 months.

I know weight gain isn’t the biggest concern, but it finally occured to me why I’m not gaining nearly as much weight with this baby as I did with Jeremy. I don’t work in an office building with a Famima on the ground floor. That store is jammed full of tempting fatty goodies. Being a homemaker (and a healthy grocery shopper) allows me quick access to only healthy snacks like cheese and crackers or fresh fruit instead of candy and cookies, lemonade or juice instead of soda. I do bake a batch of brownies or a pie or whatever other treat strikes my fancy, but they’re made fresh from scratch and one treat will last my family a full week.

Another major contributor to keeping my weight gain under control this time is that we eat at home every single day and I make almost every meal from scratch. Of course we still have our beloved “blue box” mac & cheese, the occassional Hamburger Helper, stop at the Waffle House, or have a frozen pizza once in a while but more than 80% of our meals are made fresh at home. When I was working 50 hours a week during my first pregnancy, I ate lunch out every day and dinner was either take-out, frozen, or restaurant.

By the time Jeremy was born, I had packed on 56 pounds and even after 3 years I never managed to lose 20 of those pounds. We’ve only got 10 weeks left in this pregnancy and I’ve only gained 17 pounds so far (and that’s all in my belly, not my butt and thighs like last time). Granted, in the next two months I’ll probably gain a pound a week as the baby triples his weight before birth. However, if I can keep total gain to under 30 pounds, more than half of that will drop off in the hospital and the rest won’t be an issue if we can breastfeed this time (Jeremy and I never got the hang of it).

I’m really not as concerned with my pregnancy weight gain as this post makes me sound. I’m just astounded by how much better I’m doing this time, especially considering that I was still holding onto that leftover 20 from my first baby.

Thank Heaven for allowing me to be a homemaker this time around, it’s really helped keep me healthy during this pregnancy!


4 thoughts on “Pregancy Update – Almost There!

  1. Stephanie

    I’m starting to regret not keeping Allie’s baby clothes, now that having kids is a topic of discussion for future possibilities. When I had her, I managed to find a couple of baby-only thrift stores with lightly used furniture, clothes, toys, etc, which I donated back to when she started outgrowing things. Maybe they have something out there that’s similar?

  2. Jen

    @ Stephanie: I’ve heard rumors of some baby-only thrift stores in the area. I need to search them out and see what they have to offer. I really look forward to you guys having more kids down the line. You’re such a fantastic mom, I always thought you should have another one (or more?) to spread the love. 😉

    @ Amy: Thanks! I can hardly wait to post an update with baby photos.


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