Update on my Stumble

This is a post-doctor visit update to part of yesterday’s post where I mentioned falling down the stairs….

As I Twittered and Facebooked about this morning, my body is finally feeling the damage that I did to it by falling down the basement stairs Saturday morning.

When I first hit the bottom of the stairs I laid there for a minute getting my bearings. After my head stopped whirling and I could see straight I just kept going with my laundry. My head hurt, so I took a dose of Tylenol and went on with our plans for the day. The baby had started kicking and squirming like normal not long after the fall, so I wasn’t worried about him.

Yesterday I felt fine aside from the scrape on the side of my back being pretty tender. Baby moved as normal, so I still wasn’t worried. However, as I sat up watching tv after putting Jeremy to bed I had what felt like a horrible migraine. I dosed myself with the sugar and caffeine which help with that when my usual solution of Imitrex isn’t possible during pregnancy. It worked for a while, but as I tucked myself into bed I quickly realized that it was back with a vengeance, along with all the aches and pains from my bumping down the stairs. It’s pretty clear where I landed each time because I’ve got gorgeous bruises all over my back from butt up to shoulder blades. Everything was sore and I couldn’t get comfortable at all. My butt and hips took the brunt of the damage, but that meant I couldn’t lay on either side or my back. I’m too large to lay on my stomach, so I just had to find the least painful position to sleep in and deal with it. Unfortunately, though the left hip hurt less than the right, my final landing was on my left shoulder and it hurt like crazy along with the back of my head.

I didn’t sleep til after 2 a.m. and woke up when the phone rang at 6:30 (seriously, who calls at 6:30 in the morning? my landlord, that’s who). The little sleep I got wasn’t restful because I hurt so much and I could tell right away that my headache was worse and I’d developed a nasty neck ache as well. I didn’t hurt this bad when I totaled my car ten years ago. I decided to call my doctor.

The nurse flipped out on the phone and told me to come in right then. They took me right back to see the doctor and my doctor assured me that both the baby and I are fine. He was sorry to say that the only medication I can take is Tylenol (regular strength at that) along with some Icy-Hot patches. He said a heating pad is off-limits as are even luke-warm baths until Jason gets home to keep an eye on me. I can also alternate frozen peas and one of those rice filled cotton thingies that you heat up in the microwave, but I don’t have a microwave. I guess those are safe because though they get toasty warm they cool down with time and don’t overheat you if you fall asleep with them like a heating pad would.

Out of everything, the neck ache hurts the most. I can’t sit back comfortably because while the bruises are on my butt, the pain is in my lower back. So, I can sit straight up but I can’t lean back into the couch cushions that touch the lower back because it sends lovely shooting pains. My neck feels like it has whiplash because I can only turn it so far without it hurting. I can make it the full 180 degrees from side to side, but only some of that is pain-free. I’ve got a really great goose-egg where my head hit the banister and the very back of my head is tender where I landed on it on the floor.

Wow, I really don’t ever want to do this again. The only good thing (and my OB brought this up to make me smile) is that it seems throwing myself from the top to the bottom of the stairs has made the baby more active than he’s ever been, more active than any other 22-week old fetus he’s seen. He moves almost non-stop all day. I believe that he’s more active than he had been because I can feel the difference, but I think my doctor was over-reaching when he said the rest. I’m sure another kid has moved more than this one at this age – but it was a nice thing for him to say. He said that the fact that the hurts didn’t fully set in for a couple days is normal in this situation. The massive adrenaline rush released while I fell kept me from feeling it too much during the fall and right after, then small releases of good old mama’s instinct hormone oxytocin kept me sheltering my belly during the fall (my arms and shoulders are bruised where the stairs hit them instead of my belly). He said that I’ve likely been releasing bits of oxytocin for the past two days which is what’s been both making the kiddo move so much and keeping the aches and pains away until today. Interesting, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Update on my Stumble

  1. Jill

    Take care of yourself honey! Take it easy for a few days and stay off your feet…Wish we were closer so I could come over and help but alas, with my father the way he is Alabama is just a tab bit far!

    Hugs and Loves,

  2. Robyn

    AWWWW i’m so sorry that i’m not there to give you a hug, help or just maybe smile. and soooo sorry that jason isn’t there, when does he get home? i hope that you feel better soon. glad the baby is ok but owww, be careful with you too.


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