When it rains, it pours…

So, it took us longer than expected to return our DirecTV receivers, leading them to automatically debit $500 from our checking account until the receivers get to them. I shipped them last Tuesday via FedEx, but have yet to see my money returned. We are not so well off that we can live comfortably with $500 coming out of our account without having first been carefully budgeted.

Then, Jason had to go away to school for a couple of weeks. I can absolutely take care of things around here for two weeks without him, right? Riiiight, except when life turns me on my head… literally.

Yesterday I was taking a load of laundry down the stairs to the washer in the basement. I’ve done it tons of times in the few months we’ve lived in this house. I turned around at the top of the stairs to close the door behind me so that Rusty and Jeremy wouldn’t follow me down, lost my balance and fell all the way to the bottom. I have NEVER fallen down stairs before. I mostly slid and bumped down on my back and side, but whacked my head pretty well on the banister at the bottom. I didn’t bump or hit my belly at all so the baby is fine – he was kicking and rolling around like normal all day, so I’m not worried about that. I’ve crashed cars and been less scared than I was after falling down the daggone stairs.

Jason called me from school this morning to check in and see how I’m feeling. Oh, also, he got a flat tire. His spare is fine for riding around town at school, but he’ll need a new tire before he makes the 900-mile drive back home. By the way, my car is still driving on it’s full-size spare because we got that flat when heading to the airport back in September. So we still need to get it replaced.

Then, and THEN… today the toilet overflowed. I had a friend visiting with her two kids and a baby. The bathroom floor was covered in 2 inches of water (at least it was clean water, not yucky), and the tank just kept trying to fill up the bowl to flush it. The bowl was overfull, so the water just kept going and going and going. I managed to figure out how to stop the tank from filling by strategically wedging a Duplo block in a certain spot, but I couldn’t unblock the clog for the life of me. I called the landlord and a plumber. The landlord never answered my calls or called me back, so I had to pay the plumber out of pocket. Hopefully we’ll get reimbursed, because we really can’t afford another $135 on top of the $500 still missing and the two tires we need.

Mr. Rooter assured me that there was no way I could have unclogged it myself with just a plunger and the toilet is almost as old as I am, so it really should be replaced anyway. He wrote all of that on the invoice, so I’m really crossing my fingers that the landlord or the homeowner can take care of this for us. This particular toilet has issues once a week or so, the other two toilets don’t.

What I want to know is what else could happen while my husband is gone? I’d really like to not have to deal with anything else this huge without him please; not to mention it’s less than three weeks before Christmas and our trip to California.


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