Baking With My Baby

My three-year old son has recently become really REALLY interested in helping me in the kitchen. Ever since he could stand up he’s been intrigued by what goes on in there, but only wanted to either make a mess of my cupboards or bang the pots together. This new shift to actually wanting to watch me work and help me is so neat.

Here we are ready to get started.

I’ve told him that it’s hard for me to let him help when I’m trying to get dinner on the table, but he does like to help me with breakfast and lunches. However, his very favorite time is when we each tie on our aprons (“so we can be chefs”) and bake together. He is most enthralled with cupcakes and muffins because we always make some mini-sized especially for him.

I measure it, he pours it in the bowl. When he gets a little more steady-handed, I’ll start using this time to teach him measurements and fractions.

Is it done mixing yet?

Jeremy showing “Jason’s mom” (that’s what he’s chosen to call her) the cupcake batter.

Getting our just rewards.

Until recently I have been so frustrated when Jeremy was underfoot in the kitchen. It hindered me from getting things done quickly and I’s get crabby. Now, I give him projects in the kitchen (he loves to “do me a favor”) to keep him occupied when I can’t let him help me at the stove and he is over-the-moon happy when I tell him it’s time to pull up his chair and give me a hand.

Being able to share my love of cooking and baking with my little man is what I’m most grateful for this week. Even though I’m incredibly late to link up, please stop on over at Heavenly Homemaker’s for more Gratituesday.


One thought on “Baking With My Baby

  1. Andrea

    How sweet! I love this. I will have to be sure that I remember to take time to bake with my children (and make it fun!). I really want them to grow up confident and joyful in the kitchen. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    (Here from Heavenly Homemakers)


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