Two Tough Lessons

Yesterday Jeremy learned two really tough lessons in one day. I felt bad for the poor little guy that he had to learn them the hard way, but there is no mistaking whether he’ll need a refresher course.

Lesson 1: The Toaster is HOT.

I was making Jeremy some toast in the super wonderful toaster oven that Jason and I bought with a wedding gift certificate. The front is glass. While I was getting his favorite strawberry jam from the fridge, Jeremy touched the glass front of the toaster. A blister popped up almost immediately on his finger tip, we iced it, and he learned real real quick why we don’t touch toasters.

Lesson 2: Don’t Put Stuff in a Fire.

We went to an early potluck Thanksgiving dinner in the late afternoon. It was put on by the local military spouse’s club at the base that Jason works at. They had the tables nicely set including small tea-light candles and paper leaves sprinkled over the tablecloths. I took Jeremy through the buffet line with me to fill his plate, sat him down at the table with Jason while I returned to fill my own plate. Jason went to the drink station to refill Jeremy’s lemonade and in that 1/2 minute Jeremy had fed a paper leaf into the flickering candle flame. I saw the small flare-up as I was headed back to the table and Jeremy screamed. His hand wasn’t burned because he dropped the leaf on the table once it flared, but he did get clos enough to the flame for a blister to form. Now he has a blister on two fingers, one on each hand.

So, in one day Jeremy learned all about how heat and fire don’t play well with fingers. We have a fire place in our living room, and he’s “helped” Jason build the fire by standing near him and watching. We’ve always told him not to touch the fire and he never has. Ever since he could crawl we’ve counseled him not to go near the oven. Regardless of whether the oven was on or off, I told him not to touch it because there is no way for a little person to know it’s on until it’s touched and they are hurt. In his three years alive, he’s never touched a fireplace screen or the oven. I was hoping he wouldn’t have to learn about other hot things this way, but now that it’s happened, I suppose it’s alright since he wasn’t really injured aside from two fingertip blisters.


One thought on “Two Tough Lessons

  1. MJ

    I’m sorry Jeremy learned some tough lessons the way he did. But better that way than worse.

    As for the sweet tea… A truly yummy tea if prepared properly, indeed. Though there is nothing better than the sweetness of a sun tea. Oh man… how I crave the sun tea.


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