November Menu Plan

This monthly menu planning and shopping almost entirely at once is really working out well for us.

Breakfasts: Cold cereal, oatmeal, waffles, toast.

Lunches & Dinners: As follows… On weekdays we have our large meal at lunchtime so that Jason can eat with us before he goes to work for the night shift. On weekends we have our large meal in the evening. For the other meal we have a selection of sandwiches, leftovers, quesadillas, pizza, quickie pasta, or the occasional snack tray with smoothies. Here is my plan for the large meals:

Sunday, 1st: Italian chicken with carrots and rice.

Monday, 2nd: Farfalle (bowtie) pasta with meat sauce.

Tuesday, 3rd: Pork roast with mashed potatoes and corn.

Wednesday, 4th: Tacos and fruit.

Thursday, 5th: Chicken noodle soup and rolls.

Friday, 6th: Hamburgers & fries.

Saturday, 7th: Monterey chicken with potato casserole and skillet corn.

Sunday, 8th: Beef stew and cornbread.

Monday, 9th: Pork chops with baked apples and rice.

Tuesday, 10th: Baked ziti with corn-on-the-cob.

Wednesday, 11th: Chicken & gravy with Rice-a-Roni and carrots.

Thursday, 12th: Pizza and watermelon.

Friday, 13th: Chicken noodle soup and rolls.

Saturday, 14th: Pot roast with mashed potatoes and carrots.

Sunday, 15th: Spaghetti with garlic breadsticks.

Monday, 16th: Italian chicken with skillet corn and fruit.

Tuesday, 17th: Cheese enchiladas and rice.

Wednesday, 18th: Tacos and fruit.

Thursday, 19th: Potato soup and salad.

Friday, 20th: Hamburgers and fries.

Saturday, 21st: Beef stew and cornbread.

Sunday, 22nd: Eggs, fried potatoes, and bacon.

Monday, 23rd: Lemon pepper chicken with carrots and rice.

Tuesday, 24th: Pizza and watermelon.

Wednesday, 25th: Baked ziti and salad.

Thursday, 26th: Thanksgiving! I’m planning the usual feast of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. None of us are fans of pumpkin pie, so we’ll be having apple. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday of the whole year, and this is the first year in my life that I’ll be cooking the whole meal on my own. I’ve always celebrated the holiday in a potluck meal with my extended family (20-something people). All of them are in California and we can’t afford to visit both at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we’ll be doing Thanksgiving on our own here in Alabama and visiting California for two weeks at Christmas.

Friday, 27th: Oh good heavens, there will be SO many leftovers from the day before!

Saturday, 28th: Pot roast with rice and carrots.

Sunday, 29th: Jason is leaving for a 2-week school and I’m not sure what we’ll be having for dinner without him. Probably something that isn’t already repeated this month like potato soup.

Monday, 30th: Italian pork chops with rice and baked apples. Ever since I made baked apples once the family has mandated that I’m not allowed to prepare pork chops without the baked apples ever again. S’ok by me, I love it!


We shopped for the month at Sam’s Club on Friday and I stopped off at Winn-Dixie earlier today for the items that Sam’s doesn’t carry. We’ve done this a few times now and we’re really taking to the routine. It limits the “just a few things” stops at the grocery store and helps keep our budget under control. I still have to go each week for refills on milk and fresh fruits, but otherwise this monthly shopping meets our needs.


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