Too Many Dishes…

In my house, I am a real stickler for dishes being handled correctly. Many of my baking pans and accoutrements cannot be put into the dishwasher. Some other things can technically be washed in there but I prefer not to because handwashing will help them last longer by reducing damage and warping (i.e. my Teflon non-stick pans, wooden cutting board, air-bake cookie pans, etc.).

I am blessed with a double sink, but when I have a heavy cooking day topped with last-minute baking, even those sinks get filled up pretty quick and overflow onto the counter and stovetop. Yikes! Last night I noticed that I’m coming down with a cold and was just completely wiped out. I made the executive decision to let the dishes wait til the morning.

First thing this morning, I made some hot tea to give brief respite from my stuffy nose and sore throat and groaned at the mountains of dishes piled up all over my kitchen. Then I rolled up my sleeves, put on my big-girl panties, and got to work.

Happy day! After shifting a few things to make a space in one of the sinks to wash I quickly realized that there really weren’t as many as it appeared. The problem was merely a matter of poor haphazard stacking. There was an upside-down collander in one sink (reaching almost to the rim of the basin) on top of which a large frying pan sat with a couple of handfuls of silverware. In the other sink sat my two largest mixing bowls. Sadly, one had been clean before being shoved into a sink with dirty dishes (thanks to my 3-year old baking “helper”) and a short stack of plates were perched atop the bowls.

Once the real damage had been surveyed, it really wasn’t much work. Half of what was there went directly into the dishwasher and the other half was made of large baking items which are a quick clean.

Though letting the work sit all night made some of the washing require a bit more elbow grease, realizing that a previously insurmountable amount of dirty dishes merely looked that way and wasn’t so bad after all is definitely a Finer Thing.

Sorry, there was absolutely no way I was going to snap a few photos of my dish mountains, so this is yet another visual-free post.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Dishes…

    1. Jen

      Yep, I sure have. Meals from scratch (mostly), a pan of brownies for the household, and 2 pans of your lemon bars for Jason’s potluck at work. Plus Jeremy’s “helping” with his separate bowls and spoons which he added to the dirty dishes even though they were clean. We had fun, but now I’m out of sugar and eggs. 😀


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