Best night in 3 months…

I’m sitting in my living room. There’s a small fire crackling happily in the fireplace in front of me. My 3-year old son Jeremy is bathed and snuggled on Jason’s lap under his favorite blankie with his favorite stuffed fishy. We’re watching Ratatouille as all of us succumb to the Drowsey Monster and then we’ll slip off to bed.


Jeremy and Jason snuggling.

Jeremy and Jason snuggling.



I won’t forget this night for the rest of my life. Having my son back in my home for the first time in close to 12 weeks in most definitely a Finer Thing.

I took ten minutes to toss this post up and now I’m going back to enjoying the last of the evening with my family.

Tomorrow, Mommy & Me class on the Coast Guard base. Saturday is flea market day at which we hope to pick out a puppy. Sunday is church. And Monday is library day!

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