Catching Up

I have been incredibly absent around here lately. I made my big huge photo-laden post right after I returned home from a week in California, then I planned October’s menu – that’s it, all I’ve done in the past month. That is absolutely pitiful blogging and for the four people or so who read this, I am so very sorry. In a lame attempt at some excuses: 1) I was exhausted from finishing my first trimester of this pregnancy, 2) I’ve been busily preparing my son’s room for him to come home to us this week, and 3) I’ve been doing crazy lots of crocheting.


Item number 1: First Trimester of Pregnancy.
As I’ve mentioned from time to time on Twitter and Facebook, this pregnancy has been different in every single way from my first. With my first baby (Jeremy) I had no morning sickness (aside from a reaction to taking my iron supplement with a glass of milk), with this baby I was ill all day every day for the few couple of months. All that changed as I headed into the second trimester (last week) and I’m so very happy for that. I feel like my old self again and I’ve got my energy back. I had been barely getting along with cooking the bare minimum of meals I planned and doing just enough laundry to keep us in clean clothes. Now I can really clean my house, do the dishes, keep up with ALL the laundry, and I’m even feeling up to taking a walk every now and then.

When I was pregnant with Jeremy I started at a slim weight, moved into maternity pants after two months, and maternity shirts two months later. This time, I had ten pounds hanging on from that first pregnancy so my regular clothes have been sufficing for the most part. Some days I need to wear maternity pants (when I’ll be sitting a lot or cleaning a lot), but my regular jeans and tops still fit fine. Last weekend I spent a gift card on a few key maternity pieces at Old Navy when they were having a great sale on top of a military discount weekend. I will still need a few more things, but I’m waiting until the weather changes to see what kinds of pieces I’ll need. The best thing I did while there was try on all kinds of pieces to find out my size in every type of clothing item. My local Old Navy, Target, and WalMart do not have maternity sections aside from the couple of items on the clearance rack that people have purchased online and returned. So, now that I know my size I can order online without worrying that I’ll get the wrong size. Whenever I think about it I get angry all over again that over half of my old maternity clothes have gone missing (leant them out to a former friend, she leant them off to another friend, I got back most of it, and less than half of that turned up after moving across the country). I’ll get over it eventually, but it just stings every time it pops up. Once I’ve got enough maternity clothes to get me through this pregnancy I’ll forget all about the old stuff that disappeared.

This could be a getting older thing or I could just chock it up to having done the baby-making thing before and I’m more in-tune with my body this time around, but I am FAR more sensitive to food than I was last time. With Jeremy I was eating cookies and milk for breakfast, huge lunches out in Downtown LA everyday, and crazy things for dinner like mac-and-cheese, Hamburger Helper, and carrots with ranch dip pretty much in a steady regular rotation for nine months. This time I’m hearing cravings LOUD and CLEAR for what they really are – my body telling me what it needs more of. I hear “Feed me Skittles and Snickers” and I respond with “I know you really are craving sugar, but you get it in the form of an apple and only one cookie.” Also, as I learned last night, it also tells me without a doubt what it doesn’t want more of. Since we shop almost exclusively at Sam’s Club, we get great deals on meat. Late last week we had a big ol’ pot roast, yesterday I made a huge beef stew. As we sat down to the table I dipped into my bowl and while the stewed potatoes and carrots were delicious with the thick broth, I could not force any of the beef chunks into myself. My stomach lurched at the very idea of it. I posted it up on my Facebook today and got some very insightful responses from my friends Stephanie and Drew. I think the beef we’ve got will be extra trimmed before cooking and after that’s used up we’ll be sticking to chicken and turkey. I suppose I’ll need to learn to enjoy fish to keep things rounded out. We usually buy chuck roast for the nice marbling throughout but I think we’ll be switching to a leaner cut like round roast from here on out.


This was our sonogram on 9/11/09 (Jeremys 3rd birthday). See that little arm sticking up there in the middle, waving hello!

This was our sonogram on 9/11/09 (Jeremy's 3rd birthday). See that little arm sticking up there in the middle, waving hello!

That sonogram above was 5 weeks ago. Jason has been wonderful about accompanying me to our monthly check-ups with my OB-GYN. We went to the doctor again last week and everything checked out just fine. The baby’s heartbeat is still fast and strong. We’ve had two ultrasounds since the beginning and at our next appointment on November 6 we should be able to find out the gender. So excited!


Item number 2: Readying Jeremy’s Room/The Nursery.
There’s not a lot to say here. As soon as the pregnancy test popped up positive Jason put together the crib. It was the one we bought for Jeremy and we thought for the future in buying a convertible bed. Jeremy used it as a crib and then we converted it into a toddler bed with short side rails. It can also be converted into a day bed and eventually a full size bed. However, since we’re starting back at the beginning, it’s back to a crib. Then, a few weeks ago we purchased a bunk bed for Jeremy (also thinking toward the future and knowing that we’re not stopping at two kids). While I was in California Jason put the bottom bunk together (Jeremy’s way too young to try out the top bunk), luckily we purchased beds that can be assembled together or separately. Over the last month I pulled out all Jeremy’s clothes, washed them, put them away, put new sheets and bedspread on Jeremy’s new bed. I had to sort through all of his clothes that will fit from those that are too small because they were all jumbled together. I also put Jeremy’s jungle theme bedding on the crib. If we wind up with another boy it’ll be perfect. It would also be cute for a girl, but I’d probably get something pink and purple and girly for her. We’ll see. For now at least the crib isn’t naked and all of Jeremy’s stuffed animals are comfy in a made bed.

Jeremys side of the room.

Jeremy's side of the room.

Babys side on the left and Jeremy on the right.

Baby's side on the left and Jeremy on the right.

Jeremys stuffed menagerie.

Jeremy's stuffed menagerie.


Item number 3: Crochet Crochet Crochet Crochet Crochet.
I’ve been crocheting Christmas gifts like a mad woman. We’ll be spending a good chunk of money to take four of us out to California for about 10 days at the end of December, so our gift budget is smaller than ever. We realized this early and I spent a full day cataloging my stash of yarn and searching for items I can crochet as gifts. We also parred down our list of giftees to just parents, grandparents, and siblings. Our extended families will understand. That said, I have 9 gifts to make in the next 10 weeks. I’ve got two completely finished and another one very very close to finished. Those three were the most time-intensive and complicated, so I’m glad they’re behind me. That leaves 6 rather simple projects in 10 weeks. I wish I could post photos, but just in case any of my family actually stumbles onto this site that I’ve told many of them about, I wouldn’t want anyone discovering their Christmas gift. I promise to take photos and post them just after Christmas. I have always been really horrible about remembering to take photos of what I’ve crocheted and all but two items have been given away as gifts.

I will share one photo. About 18 months ago I started crocheting a big stuffed monkey for Jeremy. It took me forever to finish it because I kept getting bored of the same old stitches back and forth back and forth and put it away over and over again. I finally finished it just in time for Jeremy’s second birthday but I left off the face. It was creepy for sure but Jeremy didn’t seem to care much as long as the monkey was cuddly. On Jeremy’s second birthday the monkey was as tall as he was.
Just the other day I finally gave that monkey a face of yarn-covered button eyes and stitched-on nose and smiling mouth.

Looks happy now, doesnt he?

Looks happy now, doesn't he?

So, that’s everything that’s been going on in my world this last month. Now I’d better get to baking those snickerdoodles that I promised Jeremy. He comes home tomorrow and I’ve got to have something sweet for him to snack on his first day here. I considered cupcakes, maybe next week. While they bake I need to get cracking on my crocheting for today too. I’d like to finish the project I’m nearly through with so I can get started on the six projects I have left.


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