Visiting California

I cannot hardly wait for my trip to California to visit Jeremy, family, and friends.

My plane leaves Mobile at 6:40 am this Saturday and after I spend a wonderful busy week with my loved ones in California, I return home to Alabama at 5:15 pm the following Saturday.

Having laid that out, I’ve got a lot of travel prep to do tomorrow:

  • Laundry
  • Pack
  • Clean out the fridge of the leftovers that no one’s going to eat while I’m gone.
  • Print out my travel itinerary.
  • Charge up my cell phone and make sure it’s filled up with minutes.
  • Charge up my camera and pack the charger.
  • Start my next crochet project so I don’t have to “ch 304” in a cramped airplane.

Oh yeah, and we need to go to my second prenatal appointment. My new OB said he likes to do lots of ultrasounds, and this is the first appointment where the baby is developed enough to have a heartbeat and big enough that we can actually see body structures. Hopefully the doctor will do an ultrasound so that we can see and hear those things for the first time. At my first appointment a little over a month ago, the baby was still just a ball of cells inside a yolk sac. There wasn’t really anything to see other than a few concentric circles and there hadn’t been a heart created to beat yet. This appointment we’re having tomorrow is essentially when most women go for the first time. I just happen to have found out we were pregnant within just a couple of weeks of conception instead of a couple of months like most people, so I had a super early appointment at just 5 weeks along.

We’re really excited about this appointment. Jason wants the doctor to try to guess at the baby’s gender, but I keep telling him that there is no way to tell at this point from an ultrasound. Those parts of the baby are still being formed and aren’t at all visible for a couple of months yet. But still, this is Jason’s first baby and he is super thrilled to be able to be at this appointment.

So, we’ll go in for that at 12:30 tomorrow and I fully expect to walk out with some sonogram still shots of a tiny little person that is barely the size of a Teddy Graham cracker (that’s what Jeremy looked like in his first pictures – a little round body, little round head, and four little round nubbins of limbs).


I cannot wait to see Jeremy on Sunday. Really and truly I don’t know how I’ve made it this long (7 weeks) without having seen him. We talk on the phone almost every day. He’s still getting the hang of conversations over the phone, but it warms my heart to just hear his voice. I hope I don’t burst into tears on Sunday morning when I pick him up, that would probably upset him because he wouldn’t understand why I’d be crying. I really want to be able to hold it together at least until he’s asleep at night and I can cry out to myself and release all that pent up missing of my little boy.

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