Our new routine

Not long ago Jason volunteered for the night shift (4 pm – midnight) so that he would be home during the days with me and wouldn’t have to miss any prenatal visits. My first one was on his first day of work, so he obviously couldn’t get the time off, and he was really disappointed to have missed it. The usual span of time for a person to be on a night or graveyard shift is six months but he can volunteer to be on longer if he wants. The plan is for Jason to stay on nights until I have the baby, then he’ll get ten days of paternity time off, then he’ll go back to work and request to be put back on days as soon as a spot becomes available.

As I mentioned in my “get it out to clear my head” rant yesterday, my car decided to freak out yesterday. The AAA tow truck showed up over 2 hours late this afternoon and couldn’t take my car to the mechanic before the service center closed, so my car is still sitting in my driveway. This creates a problem for us. Jason drives his truck to work. Jason’s mom drives my car to work. I stay home during the time neither car is available and do errands when no one else needs one of the cars. Until my car is fixed, we have two working people and one car. As I have no real commitments other than housework, I am driving carpool….

I drive Carol to work between 10 a.m. and noon (whenever she begins her shift). I come home to spend a few hours with Jason and have lunch before I drive him to work around 3:00. Depending on how long Carol’s shift is, I pick her up between 2 and 4, either on the way or just after dropping off Jason. Then I come home, have an early dinner, take a nap (if possible), and pick up Jason from work at midnight. We get to bed between 12:30 and 1 am. I wake up again between 8 and 9 am to make breakfast and start lunch (like today, started lunch at 9 because it was a crock pot meal and needed to be ready by 1 p.m.). Jason wakes up around 10 or so.

Sound like fun to anyone else? It’s going to be fine. My car will be back on it’s feet (tires?) in a week. This new routine won’t last long. Jason needs a $15 part for his motorcycle mail-ordered from Texas and then it’ll be back up and running putting up back at a 3-vehicle household. Right now I’m just getting all of my frustrations out instead of holding them in. All that does is make things seem worse than they are if I harbor my worries.

At least we’ve planned for me to be a housewife and stay-at-home-mom. If all three of us worked outside the home, we’d be in a SERIOUS predicament.

So far, I’ve been unable to get to sleep for a nap, but I’m doing what I consider to be the next best thing when Jeremy refuses to sleep during his nap-time… quiet time. In Jeremy’s case, that’s reading aloud book after book and singing son after song. For me, it’s a Bones marathon and computer time.



UPDATE – the next evening after writing this earlier post:

My car was towed to the dealer first thing this morning and repaired by 5:30 pm. It cost a good chunk of change, but not as bad as the worst case scenario could have been. We sorted out the funding and everything is fine. As of tomorrow we get to resort back to our comfy routine of Carol taking herself to work during the day and Jason taking himself to work for the night shift. I get to stay home as we like it and actually get enough rest to be able to take care of my house and finish unpacking the boxes that we’ve had tucked away in Frank and Jeremy’s rooms (and yes, a few boxes left in our bedroom).


2 thoughts on “Our new routine

  1. Elka

    It seems weird to me that you guys would plan for Jason to request nights while you are pregnant but then request days after the baby is born…I’m sure you two have your reasons…

    1. Jen Post author

      Hey Elka, he’s doing nights so that he won’t have to miss any of my OB appointments. Once the baby’s born, there won’t be anything much to miss in the mornings, so he can go back to the day shift and be home for the afternoons and evenings when things are fun. But, if he likes the night shift, he can stay on it.


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