Jell-O Cookies

I don’t know why it’s been so long since I’ve made these Jell-O Cookies. From the archives of my old journal, it appears to have been since Thanksgiving!

According to Jason, we need to make these every day. I am inclined to agree.

Each batch makes about 4 dozen and they last about 4 minutes after pulling them from the oven. As soon as they’re cool enough to handle, they are promptly gobbled down by every person in the house.

This evening we made lemon, but I’ve got four more boxes of Jell-O in my cupboard begging to be fashioned into cookies instead of their intended gelatin state. Next time I can choose from orange, cherry, raspberry, or tropical fusion (cherry/orange/pineapple blend). Tropical Fusion is a double size box, so it would be enough for two batches. Yay!

Today’s batch was intended to go to work with Jason tomorrow. It seems that most of his coworkers are jealous of his homemade leftovers lunches. How weird is that? In San Diego he got poked fun of for his leftovers when other guys went off-base for lunch. Now all the guys ask whether he brought enough for everyone. To make up for Jason being selfish (LOL!) and not sharing or swapping his lunches with the other kids, I’m sending cookies to make them all happy.


One thought on “Jell-O Cookies

  1. Andee

    lmao, I can totally see that happening with Matt’s shop. I know they were jealous about his giganto box of cookies that I sent him when he was in Iraq.


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