Pregnancy Sickness

“Morning” sickness my butt! I’ve read all the WebMD, mommy blog, and website posts I can handle. Even the What To Expect… book says it: “morning” sickness is grossly misnamed. It’s all day sickness for me.

When I was pregnant with Jeremy, I had absolutely no morning sickness. Almost unheard of for a first-time mom. The only time I was ill was after my doctor prescribed an iron pill separate from my regular prenatal vitamin. I took it in the morning with my bowl of cereal and milk and immediately threw it back up. After a week or so I read that iron reacts exactly that way when taken with iron-rich food or drink, like milk and fortified cereal. Once I began taking the iron at night before bed, everything went back to normal and I wasn’t sick again the entire pregnancy.

This time, everything is different. I haven’t thrown up at all, but I’m pretty sure it’s just my strong will holding it back by a thread. I hate throwing up, more than any other part of life, I hate throwing up. When I have a flu bug or any other sickness affecting my stomach, I do it because sometimes you don’t have a choice, but I’ll hold off until I can’t anymore. I just can’t stand it. Though it makes my stomach feel much better, it makes the rest of me feel worse than I did before vomiting.

That’s how my days have been since I went to the doctor last week. I had been thrilled when my general practitioner doctor estimated my progress at 8 weeks, that meant I was just about over the hurdle of when “morning” sickness usually takes affect. “Woo hoo!”, I thought, “I didn’t get it again! Two in a row baby!” However, the ultrasound revealed that I was just 5 1/2 weeks along, right about the time for “morning” sickness to set in.

Yeah, well, a couple of days later it set in. Every day for almost a week I’ve felt awful. Eating it a chore. Cooking it worse. Standing up and moving faster than a snail’s pace makes me woozy. Right now it’s just a strong all-day nausea. Not enough to make me vomit, but enough to make me want to just to get it over with. Instead, I’m doomed to feeling like I can’t bear to peel my body off the couch because moving makes me feel like I’m going to vomit any minute, without result of course, but the feeling like it’s gonna happen is still with me.

This is awful. I’m grateful that we conceived so quickly and easily, and I know that “morning” sickness can be seen as a sign that the pregnancy is progressing just fine (as is no “morning” sickness, which is contradictory, I know, but that’s what all the books and websites and doctors say).

I’m not sure where I’m going with this. This was supposed to be a Gratituesday post, but instead it’s turned into a whine-fest. I suppose I will close with this: I am entirely grateful that this blessed child is causing me such intestinal upset in order to send me the well-received sign that he/she is doing just fine and is happy and cozy in his/her little home within my womb. Does that make any sense at all?


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Sickness

  1. MJ

    I can totally agree with you on the getting physically ill thing. That is an absolute phobia of mine. Even when I KNOW it will make me feel better and I say it out loud, that if ONLY I get it out of my system I’ll feel soooo much better and I can continue on with my business. My mind does the “Oh HEEEELLLL no. It’s in, it’s staying in.”

    Ask Jason. My first trimester I spent most nights pacing in the bathroom with ginger ale, ginger snaps, coke syrup and so on just to avoid getting sick. Then we realized that it had to do with the prenatals that I was given and then informed that I need to switch from those to 4 flintstone vitamins with iron (because I’m rh-Negative); 2xday. Mind you I got down to only being about to swallow down the purple ones and the red ones. Now, I can’t stand the smell of them 😦

    Seriously though, ginger ale. The best thing in the world for the nausea. No caffiene, low on sugar and sodium. Not to mention, you’re close enough to the east coast you may be able to find the Cranberry Ginger Ale. It’s what saved me.

    Thank you so much for sharing your dailies with us. It feels like you’re so close by; even though your miles away.

    **love & hugs**

  2. Stephanie

    I chewed peppermint hard candy to fight the nausea. Best ever. Not altoids, like the cellophane wrapped red and white striped hard candies. When Allie was a baby and she had a tummy upset, I would crush them and mix them with some warm water in a bottle or sippy for her, too.

  3. susan

    I’m right there with you sister! i’m aproximately 7.5 weeks and the “all-day” sickness just won’t let up. I enjoyed it up until yesterday as I’ve previously lost 2 little ones (at 9 an 16 weeks) and had no sickness with them. But i’m ready for it to be over. have you tried the motion braclettes? like for being a boat? that worked with my ds. the last time i had all day sickness. i can’t find mine though. i’ve tried everything ginger ale, gingersnaps, sour patch kids (helps briefly, but not long enough to bother), cheese and crackers. HTH.

  4. MJ

    LOL…. I just remembered. There was a time that Jason and I were walking through the grocery store, in the middle of the night and I was struck with the late night nausea. I just happened to see a beautiful bunch of basil in the produce section, so I grabbed it and just buried my face in the intoxicating freshness. BOOM, nausea gone.

    Needless to say we left with that bunch of basil. It was the strangest thing. But it worked.


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