Nevermind, we’re only 5w4d

This morning I went in for my first prenatal appointment in almost three years. Jeremy was born exactly two years and eleven months ago. As I wrote in my pregnancy announcement last Sunday, I didn’t think we were as pregnant as my last period indicated. Since my last one was in mid-June, I tested a couple of times beginning in mid-July with negative results. Last Sunday we were positive, three weeks after my period was due meaning I was just about a month pregnant at that time. However, they calculate things differently down here and my doctor told us last week that I was 7 1/2 weeks. That didn’t seem right to me, but I figured everything would be sorted out at the first prenatal appointment.

Well, turns out that I was correct. Per the ultrasound that I had today, we are at 5 weeks 4 days:

5w4d sonogram

The small circle in the center of the black oblong shape on the left is the gestational sac otherwise called the yolk sac which feeds the placenta until it works on its own. The other thing that you can’t see inside that black oblong shape is this:

5 weeks embryo

That’s what our kid looks like so far, weird huh?! He or she is only the size of a sesame seed, but that’s plenty big enough to make me notice it! Symptoms have started kicking in these past couple of days: tiredness, chest soreness, abdomen muscle aches, nausea (not much, just when I’m really hungry or right after I eat).

We’re due April 8th, not end of March. However, if Jeremy’s birth is any indication of how this baby will be, we just might have a late March baby after all because Jeremy was born two weeks early (thank goodness, he was almost nine pounds, another two weeks would have had him over ten pounds!)

We’re still super excited and looking forward to the rest of this pregnancy. So far it’s going pretty well!


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