Neighborly Visits

This week has been a big one for us. One of the supporting factors in our decision to make the move from California to Alabama was for the neighborliness. When we visited Alabama in May, it was the remark we kept making to each other, “These people are SO NICE!” In our first few days after moving in we received two calls to our home from our neighbors and met two others by chance.

The Thursday that we signed the lease we met one of our next door neighbors, Jerry, and one of his sons (about our age). They saw Jason and I struggling to unload his motorcycle from the truck bed and came over to help.

The Friday we moved in Jason met the neighbor couple across the street from us. He can’t recall their names, but he said they were very nice as well and the man offered Jason use of his tools.

On Saturday Janet from the other side of Jerry’s house came by to say hello and bring us a gift of some bottled water along with a flyer from her church. We had a very nice chat and she seems like a sweet lady. She’s just a couple years younger than Jason’s mom and has children our age. We had thought about visiting her church the following day but then found out first thing Sunday morning that we are pregnant and decided that we needed another day to ourselves to let that sink in.

On Monday I went for a short walk after dinner with my mother-in-law. A few doors down from us there was a dog out in his front yard and we stopped to say hello. Next door to the dog was Jack (“Jackie”) out edging his lawn who told us all about a few other neighbors and chatted us up for a bit.

Then, when Carol and I returned from our little walk around the block, Janet’s husband Ronnie and a fellow church-goer Kenny were on our front porch talking to Jason. Ronnie built the four houses on our cul-de-sac and has lived here on this street for almost 20 years. Ronnie and Kenny prayed with us right there on the porch and we promised to see them this coming Sunday.

Neighborliness, especially during the first week in a brand new place, is a real Finer Thing.

Visit Amy for more at The Finer Things in Life.


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