Menu Plan, week of August 3, 2009

I want to start off by saying that it is extremely difficult to plan a week’s menu when all of my cookbooks are still hiding in a box we’ve yet to unearth from the stacks and my only source of Internet is my cell phone (which we’re giving up once our router is delivered).

With that, I’d like to present this week’s menu at our house:


Lunch — Turkey and cheese sandwiches.

Dinner — Spaghetti with ground turkey meatballs and green salad.


Lunch — Leftover chicken noodle soup from Sunday’s dinner.

Dinner — Beef stew in the crock pot with homemade cornbread and my lemon pie for dessert.


Lunch — Hot dogs at Sam’s Club.

Dinner — Italian chicken (tenderloins marinated in Italian salad dressing) with Rice-a-Roni corn on the cob, leftover green salad from Monday, and leftover cornbread from Tuesday.


Lunch — Macaroni & cheese (from the blue box, my favorite!).

Dinner — The Happy Housewife’s Simple Crock Pot Pork Roast sounds great and we’ll pair it with mashed potatoes and carrots.


Lunch — Tuna salad sandwiches.

Dinner — Jason requested my chicken pot pie. This will be my first attempt at my great-grandmother’s biscuits for the topping. If they turn out well, I’ll share her recipe. I can’t promise though because she was famous for giving out her recipes while omitting an important ingredient or two.


Lunch — FishMama’s crockpot baked potatoes with butter and melted cheese (I wish we had some bacon!). Too bad we ate all of our salad earlier in the week, I guess we’ll make due with some canned pears on the side.

Dinner — Simple ground beef tacos served up with Spanish rice.


Lunch — Not sure yet, whatever strikes us at lunchtime.

Dinner — BBQ chicken with What’s For Dinner’s cheddar potato strips.

Sounds pretty good for our first full week in our new home, huh?! We all forage for our own breakfasts in the morning, though I do have plans for homemade blueberry muffins Saturday or Sunday this week.

Happy eating this week! For more menu inspiration, Menu Plan Monday is being guest hosted this week by The Happy Housewife.

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