I’m Pregnant!

I didn’t want to wrap up this news into my previous post because this deserves it’s own web space…

Jason and I found out this morning that we’re expecting a new addition to our family! We are very very excited and have barely been able to contain our happiness all day.

We’ve been off birth control since the wedding and at some point in the past month and a week, our miracle happened. I’m three weeks late as of today but I took home tests a couple of weeks ago when I was both one and two weeks late. They were both negative. Yesterday I was nauseous after a really delicious lunch at Cracker Barrel and got very dizzy whilefollowing Jason up and down the aisles at Home Depot, so I decided to test again. First thing this morning I took my last test and it was a very clear positive!

As soon as we have Internet hooked up tomorrow I will search for a local OB-GYN who takes our milirary insurance and schedule an appointment. If our calculations (math-based guesses) are correct and our baby was concieved at some point during the past two weeks (after both negative tests), then he or she should be due round about mid-April or early May. My dad’s birthday was May 4th, so that would be a prime birthday to shoot for. 😉

Anyhow, I’ll be chronicling this pregnancy (second for me, first for Jason) here on my blog along with everything else I write about.


8 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant!

  1. Donna Boswell

    We told you so! Congrats you two!

    Also, even if you got negative test results in the first two tests, it doesn’t mean you didn’t conceive back then. Some pregnancy tests aren’t terribly accurate for the first few weeks of pregnancy. Just a thought!

    1. Jen Post author

      @Donna: We had a feeling before, but it didn’t really sink in so to speak until yesterday. Until yesterday I sort of felt busted like I was either pregnant OR my body was gearing up for the worst period ever. I’m so glad that it made this choice. 😀

  2. MJ

    Mrs. Muffin has a bun in the oven!! I love it!

    If there is ANYTHING I can do (even though we’re alllllll the way over here) please don’t hesitate.

    Mucho, mucho love to the Muffin-Family

    ~ MJ

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks MJ. I think we’re okay for now, but if we have a girl I might just call you for some baby stuff if you kept any of Lil’s.

  3. MJ

    Kept a bunch of Lil’s stuff. I’ll have to weed through it if that’s the case 😉

    Damn, that means there is yet ANOTHER quilt to add to my list that I need to make. Oh man, I better get cracking.


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