Day Three in Our New Home

Today was another wonderful day in our new home. Jason, his mom, and I mostly puttered around the house unpacking boxes and attempting to find places for everything.

I made my favorite chicken noodle soup to rave reviews. I added 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder which really made all the difference. Jason hooked up the big stereo down in the basement in his “man cave” area where the pool table is and found our VHS/DVD player to connect to the tv in the family room.

Tomorrow the Internet router will be delivered by AT&T, so we should have web access by dinner. On Tuesday afternoon the DirecTV is installed and we’ll be pretty well finished. We had a few too many items of furniture for the moving truck, so we are still waiting on about ten or fifteen things (a few bookshelves, the top hutch to my curio cabinet, my mother-in-law’s sofa, a coffee table, our grill, the top to our roll-top desk, and a few other things I’m not thinking of.

My kitchen is totally assembled and functioning beautifully. Our living room and dining room look great. My mother-in-law’s room looks fantastic (needs lighter paint though). Jason’s pool/man cave is shaping up. However, we are still living out of suitcases and boxes because I haven’t found it in me to unpack our clothes into the dresser and closets. Jeremy and Uncle Frank’s rooms haven’t even been touched yet because Frank won’t be here til mid-September and Jeremy won’t be here til mid-October.

After we’re rid of all the boxes, I’ll need to get cracking on some window coverings. All the windows have nice new horizontal blinds, but we’ll need some valences soon (I’m not a fan of full-length drapes or curtains).

I can hardly wait to have Internet again tomorrow. Being completely reliant upon my phone for email and blog access is getting a little difficult, even though I love the iPhone’s app for WordPress. Meal planning will be much easier when I have my laptop back.


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