Realizing Our Budget

Last night Jason and I went over to the mall to pick up four new iPhones for our family (him, his mom, his sister, and I). We found that Sprint had horrible to no service at our new house and a quick call to Customer Service had us out of our contract. AT&T has great coverage at our house, Jason’s work, and all over the county. We were set on iPhones and had the funds to make it happen, so we went for it and fell in love with them as we played last night. Unfortunately, looking at our budget, it is very clear that we can no longer cover the cost of fancy cell phones.

Our plan was difficult for me to swallow, but it’s necessary: we’re dumping cell phones altogether, lowering our cable service to the cheapest $30/month plan, and cutting out a bit more fat from the budget.

I thought we had put together a really solid budget to account for moving here and relying on just Jason’s income. However, a few things didn’t go exactly as planned so we are now left in a lurch. We’re going to have a land line phone with unlimited local and long distance calling, so keeping in touch with all of our friends and family in California and other places won’t cost any extra. We’re also going to look into a flat-fee cell phone for traveling and emergencies, but starting in the next couple of weeks we’re going to be relying on our land line and pay phones only.

We’ll also have Internet hooked up at the house in a few days, so that will be okay. Also, my former employer gifted me with an iPod Touch almost a year ago because of some good work I did. I can get the same apps for it as for my iPhone, but it only accesses the Internet when WiFi is available. I’m pretty sure I can live with that 😉

Our budget still has a gaping hole in it, but hopefully we’ll be able to refinance our two vehicles into lower monthly payments to fill up that hole. I hate to do it, but it the only other option aside from Jason getting a second job or me going back to work. I offered to get a serving position (not many desk jobs around here) to pull in the extra money we need, but Jason was adamant that we work out a way for me to stay at home. That was our biggest draw to moving here, so we really need to figure out how to make it happen.

Now that I’ve written out the problem and the solutions we came up with, I’m feeling a lot better about our tough decisions last night. Do any of my friends have any leads on legitimate work-from-home opportunities?


3 thoughts on “Realizing Our Budget

  1. Amy @ Finer Things

    I am so impressed with how you are thinking things through and adjusting your lifestyle to live within your means. Great job!

    Have you thought about a prepaid cell? Mine costs $100 per YEAR and I have oodles of minutes. (Mostly because I don’t use it unless I’m out and about.)

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks Amy. Believe it or not, remembering some of your posts is what gave me a lot of budgeting advice.
      We’ve been looking into some of the various pay-as-you-go plans like the one you have.
      You’re a really fantastic e-friend! Still hope to meet you in person some day soon!

  2. Andee

    I have a few old AT&T cell phones lying around my room. At least one was a prepaid phone originally, but they all can be (or so I’ve heard) you just need to get a SIM card. If you’d like I can send…

    Sorry about the crappy budget holes, hopefully they get repaired soon and easily.


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