Our New House

As I Twittered about earlier today, Jason and I were approved for the rental house that I gushed about yesterday. We had another big day today as we shopped for and purchased a nice living room set (sofa, loveseat, and chair), mattress, washer and dryer, and a deep freezer. Tomorrow late afternoon we meet up at the house with the landlord to sign the lease and we can start moving in that night or Friday.

We have to give the Coast Guard moving company a little notice for them to get our stuff ready, so they may not get our things to us until Saturday or early next week. Today’s new purchases get delivered on Friday morning. DirecTV sets us up next Tuesday afternoon (we’re moving my account from our old house to this one).

Jason and I have a busy day tomorrow. First thing in the morning I need to call the credit union to make sure they are aware I’m going to use a local bank to get a cashier’s check for the first and last month’s rent (there are no local branches of our credit union), go to the bank for the check, get Jason a haircut so that he is back within the military standards (he’s let it get really long over his time off), call the moving company to get them set up to deliver, sign the lease (of course), and stop by the dry cleaner to pick up Jason’s freshened uniforms.

At some point on Friday we need to take our brand new rental agreement over to the nearest Sprint store to show them that our new address has truly awful coverage (and in many spots none at all) so that they will waive our early-disconnect fees and let us take our numbers over to AT&T which has awesome coverage for the entire area where we will be living and everywhere else. Coveniently, Bell South (owned by AT&T) is the land line and DSL provider for our new address and DirecTV is linked to AT&T so that we can bundle every single one of our data/phone services onto one bill and get a really great deal. Much better than having Sprint cell phones, Verizon DSL, and DirecTV. We were thinking of getting rid of cable, but it’s just too much to buy out of our contract right now with a year left on it. Instead, we downgraded to the cheapest family plan available which is only $9 more a month than it would have been to buy out the contract.

Anyhow, enough rambling about our steal on phone/data/tv services…

We’re super excited about our new place and I’d love to take you on a photo tour of our house (view it in a slideshow) as it appears unfurnished. Once we have everything in it’s place, I’ll put together another tour (perhaps video?).

Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes and congratulations as I Twittered throughout this process. You guys are the greatest!

4 thoughts on “Our New House

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks! We love the porch too. It only needs a little fixing up (a couple of boards nailed back down and some paint touch-up). I also love the laundry chute from the master bath to the basement laundry room. So cool.


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