First Day in Mobile

Wow, I can’t even believe how great our first day in Mobile has been. After our fantastic road trip (didn’t stop anywhere noteworthy, but it was great having a third person) and a very long rest in a comfy bed, I couldn’t really ask for any better of a first day.

We slept in until about 10 am, got ready and had an early lunch. Then we found a Winn Dixie to buy a newspaper to look at the rental ads. We had looked at the rental options on Craigslist earlier but had only found a few and wanted to expand our search. The third house on our short list was perfect. Four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a huge living room, front porch that runs the full length of the house, upper and lower level decks overlooking the backyard, two-car garage, on a quiet cul-de-sac, and the backyard has woods right up to it. The finished basement holds one of the bedrooms and bathrooms and is set up like a mother-in-law suite with a private entrance to the backyard. The living room area down there includes a billiards table in good condition, the laundry room, and access to the garage.

The kitchen has a little eat-in booth next to the window to the front yard and lots of cabinet space. The ceilings in the house are about nine feet, which just adds a nice feeling to the place. The finished basement has a separate air conditioning unit from the main level, which is really nice. The house also has some neat little quirks about it: a laundry chute from the master bathroom to the laundry room in the basement, hook ups for a whole-house vacuum, and lime green paint in one bedroom (actually quite perfect for a near-3-year-old). The split floor plan is nice, it puts the master suite on one end of the house, two bedrooms and the guest bath on the other side of the house, and the fourth bedroom/second master downstairs.

The rent is a little more than we would have paid to buy the house we looked at and went into escrow on back in May, but that other house needed a lot of fixing up that we just couldn’t afford to put out any time soon. This house is perfect as-is and doesn’t need a darn thing aside from furniture. Considering that we’d be paying only $150 more a month for this rental than for the purchase, we’d actually be coming out ahead because we won’t be needing to put any equity into it immediately, or at all. Another awesome thing: this lease would come with an option to purchase, so if we do love it here and decide that this neighborhood and house is too hard to pass up, we could move right into a mortgage if the price was right.

We turned in the application before heading to dinner about six hours ago and the rental agent replied right away saying that our application looked good and that she’d have a decision for us in the morning. We’re hopeful and crossing our fingers, but if this doesn’t turn out to be the right one, there are other homes we could look into as well as a scant few four-bedroom apartments available. The Coast Guard will reimburse up to ten days at a hotel, so we definitely need to get something lined up before next Thursday, plenty of time.

As soon as we know one way or the other, I’ll post and hopefully get some photos up soon!


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