Moving Day

Jason and I are so tired! Packing and moving is extremely hard work. We finished clearing out of our apartment over the last two days and we’ve been staying with Jason’s sister, mom and great uncle for the last few days.

Jason’s off with his sister right now picking up the trailer for my car and when they get back we need to unpack from my car all the last minute stuff that was in our apartment, repack it, load my car onto the trailer, pick up Jason’s motorcycle, head to Elka’s shindig to say congrats & goodbye, drop Jeremy off with his dad, stop back by Temecula to pick up Jason’s mom, and head out of town. We’re hoping to get through Arizona tonight and get into Albuquerque first thing tomorrow morning.

Just like the last time Jason and I drove to Mobile, he will take the long legs of the drive, I will take over for 4-5 hours to give him a break to nap, we’ll stop for lunch and to stretch our legs, and then he’ll keep going for another 12 hours or so. Jason has great at long distance driving, I haven’t built that skill yet. Also, since I had laser eye correction six years ago, the halos around lights at night are much bigger and brighter than they were when I wore glasses, so I can’t do more than about an hour of night driving. On the flip side, Jason does great at night, but gets sleepy when driving in the early morning or late afternoon (my best times). So, this rhythm works for us.

We’ve got a mini-fridge that plugs into the cigarette lighter. Using it we can stay stocked up on drinks and snacks so we’ll just need to stop for gas and meals. As for meals on the road, we get something like muffins or snacks at a gas station for breakfast, drive-thru for lunch, and then hop out at a Denny’s or cafe for a sit-down dinner before Jason gets back behind the wheel.

I’m excited for the move, but the drive will be exhausting. We’ll be making the trek in Jason’s truck, with his motorcycle strapped into the back, while towing a trailer with my car on it. My car will be loaded down with all of the stuff that the professional movers couldn’t take. With all of that weight, we’ll be cruising the whole way between 55 and 65 mph. That should take 36 hours to drive, plus roughly 10 hours of idle time stopped for dinner, gas, and rest. Leaving tonight around 7:00, we should get to the hotel in Mobile in just under two days, by Monday night.

Once we get there, the Coast Guard will be footing the bill for us to stay ten days in a hotel while we find a house to rent. With all luck, we’ll find a place in those ten days so we won’t have to pay for any of the hotel out of pocket. The movers left yesterday with our furniture and umpteen million boxes, so our stuff will actually beat us to Mobile and will be waiting for us to say the word for the movers to bring it to our new place.

I’ll be updating Twitter and Facebook along our journey and once we get to the hotel I’ll write a good post to chronicle our experience.


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