Moving day is quickly approaching…

It’s now Tuesday, four days before we head out of town to move to Mobile, Alabama. For a few reasons we decided not to buy the house we chose back in May when we went out to visit and house-hunt. Once we get there we won’t have a bunch of cash laying around to put in the work that the house needs (new bathroom, new a/c, refinish the wood floors, and a couple other little things) and we won’t be able to afford a second mortgage to finance those things. Also, we’ll only be there for four years, not enough time to recoup the equity we’d be putting in. Lastly, we don’t want to spend the entire four years there fixing up a house just to sell it and hope to get our money back (not likely in this market), we’d rather work on getting out of debt by paying off our cars and fixing up Jason’s credit.

So, we’ve been looking at 4-bedroom rentals in the area and have found not only that they are in abundance, but we can also pay less for a nicer house than we would have paid to own a fixer-upper. We do eventually want to buy a home, but this tour in Alabama won’t be the time to do it, maybe the next tour, wherever that takes us.

Today we move to Temecula the rest of the items that we want the professional movers to pack up and ship to Alabama for us. Anything that we don’t have there today by 11:00 won’t get shipped and we’ll have to take it ourselves. The reason for the double move is that the pros will only pack up and move from one house, but we are consolidating two households when we move. About half of our stuff was in the mobile home that we’ve been renting for the past year and a half and the other half was being stored and used at Jason’s great uncle’s house in Temecula.

Today the movers come to survey the load, Thursday they come to pack it all up to survive the shipping, and Friday they come back to load it up and take it away. We plan to head out of town on Friday night or Saturday morning and get to Mobile by Monday evening.

I’m getting a little nervous because we have the custody hearing for Jeremy tomorrow morning. I’m not nervous that the outcome will be bad since Jeremy’s father and I had a pretty good result when we went to mediation together last Tuesday. Hopefully his attorney won’t have changed his mind about everything we discussed. It may come down to me leaving Jeremy with his dad for the rest of the summer, my moving across the country with Jason, and then I’d come back to get him in the fall, but we haven’t sorted out all the particulars yet. I don’t really know why I’m nervous. I’ve been gearing up for the move for months now and I’ve been getting ready for tomorrow’s hearing since we decided to move. I think it’s just that everything is coming together in just a matter of days and all of my preparation time is spent. Now it’s time to put matters into God’s hands and know that everything will turn out the way it should.

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