Two Weeks

I’ve got 10 days back at work and then I’m out of there for good. I’m only working 9 of those days since I’ve got next Tuesday off for custody mediation.

My office is cleared of my personal effects but for Jeremy’s artwork, the mouse I brought from home because the one they gave me didn’t have my beloved scrolling wheel, and the chair I bought because the one I inherited with my office was filthy and broken.

I have been working here for so long, it’s going to feel really weird to leave knowing I’ll never come back. When I was out on disability, I knew I’d be back, so it felt like a nice break (sort of like my maternity leave over two years ago) to regroup and get back to myself. But I’m going to need to spend the next two weeks gearing myself up to leave for good.

I’ve never worked for any other place as long as I’ve been here. In some ways, I’m kind of sad to leave because I’ve made some good friends, learned so much, and built a strong career here; but I’m also very ready to move on because many of those friends have already gone on to other places, my knowledge will stay with me, and while this career was great it has no relevance to my new job of staying home to raise and care for my family.

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