Independence Day weekend

I know, I know, I need to get around to writing up my wedding day post. My brand new husband has been reminding me daily, it’s just going to take some time to put those experiences down into words. Not to mention that I don’t have any photos yet. Jason showed me a few that a friend put on her MySpace page, but since I no longer have an account there, I can’t grab them. I don’t want to put up my wedding post without pictures, that just wouldn’t be right. So, I have to wait.

Anyhow, I want to stay at least somewhat relevant after having taken almost all of this week off from posting, so I’m going to toss out our plans for the holiday weekend.

I’m off work at 2 pm today (which explains why I’m typing this up just after 2:00), so I’ll be getting home two hours earlier than usual. Hooray for free time off from my employer’s CEO! Once I get home, we’ll enjoy the wonderful beef stew that Jason and I prepared last night and he turned on in the crock pot this morning. Then we’ll pack an overnight bag and load up a bunch of our stuff to take out to Jason’s house to store before we move. We plan to have the military movers take everything from there since we’ve got items from our current house as well as that house. Over the next couple of weeks he’ll be making a few more trips out there to take stuff little by little until our house is empty. Since it’s about 60 miles away, we’re going to stay the night with his mom, sister, and uncle and then come home sometime tomorrow.

Since I have Friday off from work, tomorrow I will prepare a couple dozen of Bakerella’s Brownie Cupcake Burgers as my contribution to the pot luck holiday get together than my aunt and uncle are throwing at their house. Though the sugar cookie fries are adorable, I’m going to skip them this time. We were going to bring the uneaten layer of our wedding cake, but it will be a week old on Saturday and these little desserts are way cuter. Every time my family congregates for a holiday, I’m always assigned the dessert. I’m completely happy with this arrangement because I am a far better baker than I am a cook.

Jeremy comes home on Saturday morning for the holiday. I don’t know yet what we’ll do for the morning and early afternoon, but around 2:30 we’ll load up into the car with our Brownie Cupcake Burgers and head up to my hometown to have a bar-be-que with my family and watch the fireworks. I have to take Jeremy back to his dad’s house by 10 pm, but he’ll be back to us again Sunday evening like usual.

So, we don’t have huge plans, but we will definitely be taking advantage of the free time off I’m getting today as well as my paid holiday tomorrow which gives me a three-day weekend.


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