Menu Plan, week of June 29, 2009

After a few days of next to no internet, I’m back in the saddle, caught up on all of the blog posts that were waiting patiently in my Google Reader, and ready to get back to writing.

My first one for the week, our menu, is just a few days late. I was too busy getting married on Sunday and enjoying my honeymoon day on Monday to worry about planning our meals or posting it. Then, we had a very busy day in court yesterday which I will write about later.

Now, for the rest of the week…

Wednesday: Simple ground beef tacos and green salad.

Thursday: Beef stew in the crock pot (the usual resulting leftovers will be Friday’s lunch for both Jason and I).

Friday: Our favorite, easy chicken pot pie.

Saturday: Orange chicken, with veggie fried rice this time.

Sunday: We have gotten into the habit of leaving Sunday open since half the time we have our date night after we return Jeremy to his dad’s house for a week and the other half of the time we are picking him up from his dad’s and get our fast food fix on the way home.

I made this week really easy because it’s Jason’s first week off of work beginning his month of vacation before we move. Since I was practicing being a housewife for the past two and a half months before I returned to the office a little over a week ago, he is going to spend his vacation time being a house-husband and doing the lion’s share of the packing to prepare for the move. He said he’d do the dishes, laundry, and cooking like I did before, but we’ll see. 😉 Still, the easy menu works regardless of who prepares the meals. Easy for him since he doesn’t usually do much of the cooking, and easy for me if I do it after coming home from a long day in the office.

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