Wedding Eve Mishap

I am entirely unsatisfied by the manicure I received today. It felt great, but the pink tint the manicurist used was very dark and she didn’t smooth out the white tips very well. Also, it seems that she didn’t apply a very good layer of top coat because as I washed my hair just now, the polish from two nails just peeled right off.

Also, when she dipped my right hand into the paraffin wax, she touched my middle finger to the bottom of the hot container and it took the warm shower water to make me realize that I have a blister. It’s taking a great deal of self control to keep myself from picking at it or stabbing it with a safety pin. I would normally do that, but I don’t think it would look too great to be sporting a band-aid on my finger on my wedding day. Could be a might distracting in photos.

How on Earth am I supposed to get my nails fixed by 9:00 tomorrow morning? I’ll have to ask one of my most wonderful bridesmaids to run by a pharmacy or grocery store for a DIY french-tip nails kit. I’ve done the job on myself before, it’s just been a while. Edit: After rummaging through my nail polish box, I found a french manicure pen, some curved sticker painting guides, and some Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps polish. As Angie is doing my hair tomorrow, I should be able to repaint my nails. It’s still mighty tempting to ask someone to stop at the store to get some press-on nails. They look a lot better now than they did when I was younger. Too bad I don’t have any manicurist friends to call over at the last minute.

However, to end this post on a happy note, my strawberry bread turned out pretty good. It looks and smells delicious. It’s going to be difficult to wait until tomorrow to eat some. I wish I’d made more, there are going to be quite a few ladies here in the morning.

Please forgive my photos. I took them with my not-so-great cell phone camera because my point-and-shoot is packed up in my things to take to the chapel in the morning and I wasn’t about to take it out and then forget it tomorrow.


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