T minus 11 hours

I am due to be married in just about eleven hours. I was out of the house from about 9:00 this morning until around 4:30 this afternoon having a girl’s day with my bridesmaids and flower girls. We got manicures and pedicures, had lunch, and shopped for shoes. My groom stayed home with Jeremy doing boy stuff. Jason left about an hour ago to have a last-minute bachelor party.

In the time he’s been gone, I got Jeremy bathed and in bed asleep and successfully baked one loaf of Laura’s Strawberry Bread (it smells heavenly as it cools on my countertop), the second loaf is in the oven now. Unfortunately, I forgot to get Jason to re-light the pilot on my oven before he left, so I have to bake off one loaf at a time in my toaster oven. It’s working out perfectly. I’m baking to have something for my bridesmaids, flower girls, and a couple of friends to snack on while they hang out with me tomorrow morning as we do hair and makeup before caravanning over to the chapel.

Before I head to bed tonight, I need to finish the dishes that are piled in the sink, put away the clean clothes that are occupying the laundry baskets, put the dirty laundry in said baskets and hide them in Jeremy’s room so my girls don’t see my mess tomorrow. I also need to take a shower, wash and dry my hair so that it’s not to squeaky clean and slick for my friend/hairdresser to work with tomorrow morning. I think I should tackle that list with the shower first then dishes so that my hair can air dry a bit before I take a blowdryer to it. Moving the laundry around can happen first thing tomorrow morning, as well as quickly running a vacuum over the living room.

Jason will likely sleep on the couch tonight since Jeremy is bunking with me in the only air conditioned room in the house (my bedroom). Tomorrow, Jason will take Jeremy and their clothes over to Gabe (one of his groomsmen)’s house to get ready so that the boys don’t get overwhelmed by the gaggle of girls that’ll be here in our teeny tiny house. I won’t see Jeremy again until they send him upstairs to the bridal suite at the chapel and I won’t see Jason again until I meet him at the top of the aisle. 🙂

This day has come so quickly, I hardly believe it. I’m really really excited and just a wee bit nervous.


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