Rehearsal Day

Alrighty, the day has crept up on me and now I have a very long list of things that I have to get done prior to the wedding rehearsal at 5:45 this evening. Pray for me!

  1. Finish printing the programs.
  2. Assemble the favors.
  3. Format & print the signs to reserve four tables for special guests.
  4. Prepare disposable cameras (unwrap from the plastic, wind them for first use, and fold the table tent instructions).
  5. Go to David’s Bridal for a long-line bra.
  6. Go to Target for blue undies (to serve as my “something blue”, my cousin’s very cheeky – pun intended – idea).
  7. Pick up the rental shirts, vests, ties, and shoes for Jason, two of his groomsmen, and groomswoman (his sister).
  8. Acquire an assortment of items for the kid’s table to keep the little ones busy during the reception. (Puzzles, travel DVD player and movies, books, medium-sized toys.)
  9. Wrap gifts for the wedding party. They came in individual boxes, but I haven’t wrapped them yet.
  10. Buy/borrow a cake-cutting and serving set (I think they have a small collection at David’s Bridal, maybe this could be combined with item #5).
  11. Check the box with the guest book, flower girl baskets, ring pillow, unity candle, and cake topper.
  12. Run to the bank for cash to pay the minister/DJ and photographer.
  13. Collapse.

It’s currently 6:00 a.m., I have just under 12 hours to do all of this. Thank goodness one of my bridesmaids, Elka, has the day off of work and offered to help me. Without her, I’d finish maybe a third of this list. At least Jeremy will be at day care for most of the day, I can’t even think how little would get completed if he was trying to “help” (you know how 2-year olds are).


2 thoughts on “Rehearsal Day

  1. Jen Post author

    Thanks Amy. Have a great weekend! With help from one of my amazing bridesmaids, everything on my list was completed before 2 pm, except for picking up the suit rental stuff which I can’t do until 5:00.


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