Menu Plan, week of June 22, 2009


Orange chicken. I finally made it, but forgot the rice. D’oh! But it was fabulous and is now one of the meals Jason would like me to add to our regular rotation.


Hot dogs and criscut fries. We had this last weekend, but we’ve got leftovers and I want to use them before the buns go stale.


Fish sticks and mashed potatoes. Simple, easy, and we’re trying to use up a bunch of the stuff we’ve had in the freezer for a while.


Rehearsal dinner with the wedding party. All-you-can-eat sushi for everyone, except me, who doesn’t like raw fish – I get to have teriyaki chicken.


London broil cooked in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots. I’m cooking it whole so that we can have shredded beef leftovers for the weekend.


I keep putting off the cheese enchiladas and spanish rice that I planned two weeks ago, put off to last week, and we never got to have. Perhaps with leftover shredded beef from Friday?


It’s our wedding in the morning with lunch at the reception! I sure am not going to cook on my wedding day, so we’re going out on our usual Sunday night date. Our first one as a married couple. 🙂

This post is linked to Org Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday where there are always hundreds of home cooking ideas.


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