Quick lunch with my honey…

This morning I was up and out the door at an unreasonably early hour, awake at 4 am and in the car at 5 am to be exact. In order for Jason to be to work on time, he needs to leave our house at 5:00. Since we are visiting family in Lake Elsinore tomorrow evening and Jason has to stay at work overnight tonight, we decided that I would ride with him to work this morning, hang out til lunchtime, and drive home this afternoon. Tomorrow I will drive back to San Diego to pick him up and we will drive to Lake Elsinore together. This is much better than driving separately all over the place.

What I am grateful for this Tuesday is the opportunity to have lunch with my love on a day that I would normally not see him again until tomorrow‘s lunchtime.

Also, I was rewarded with a small taste of one of the many ways that shows how much he loves me. Jason drives 95 miles each way to and from work every single day in order to live where we live instead of closer to his base like most of his coworkers. Between this afternoon’s drive home and tomorrow morning’s drive to pick him up, I will make one normal day’s commute for him. Driving nearly 200 miles a day just to come home to me every night… that’s love.


Stop by Heavenly Homemaker’s blog for many more expressions of thankfullness on this week’s Gratituesday.


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